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Education 101 by Sylvan Learning Hope 101 by Women of Whatcom, featuring Oct. 17th

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  • Permission for Joy

    Of all people Believers in Jesus have reason to Celebrate

    Listen to Dr. Lori Salierno argue why believers in Christ are those most likely to succeed in the pursuit of joy. What's more this joy funds courage to face trials and difficulties. It is thanks to Christ's suffering and ultimately his resurrection that joy is possible in the most joyless of circumstances. Learn more here, and don't forget to register to hear Lori speak at Cornwall Church in Bellingham. Read More
    Women of Whatcom - Lori Salierno
  • Reading Issues

    What you can do, and how you can know when reading is a problem.

    In this interview Kathleen of Sylvan discusses ways to cultivate a love for reading at home by demonstrating reading is important. There are however indicators that despite your best efforts reveal your child has difficulties beyond what these measures can typically solve. Listen in as the subject of reading is explored further. Read More
    Sylvan Learning
  • Inner Thoughts

    Comparing Ourselves with Others

    Why do we do it? Why do we compare ourselves with others? In this segment Dr. Lori Salierno reveals not only do we often compare ourselves to others we compare our weakness with their strength. Listen as Lori addresses the problem, and provides the solution. Don't forget to register to hear Dr. Lori Salierno at Cornwall Church in Bellingham on October 17th. Click through to listen! Read More
    Women of Whatcom - Lori Salierno
  • Register for "Girls Night Out"

    The Women of Whatcom are excited to bring you “Girls Night Out” Friday, October 17th, 2014 (7-10pm) featuring Dr. Lori Salierno. Click through for location details, admission options, and more! Read More
    Women of Whatcom - Lori Salierno
  • About Speaker/Author Dr. Lori Salierno

    Recognized as a true visionary and one of our best communicators today, Lori Salierno has dedicated her life to teaching truth. The organization she founded in 1996 leads at-risk kids into a life of purpose and potential. As a speaker, she has... Read More
    Women of Whatcom - Lori Salierno
  • About Women of Whatcom

    Women of Whatcom consists of a group of women leaders from various churches within Whatcom County. The purpose of our organization is to... Read More
    Women of Whatcom - Lori Salierno
  • Testimonials from Kids and Parents

    Wondering whether your child will like Sylvan? Watch these Sylvan Learning testimonials to see why kids and their parents love coming to Sylvan. Read More
    Sylvan Learning
  • Make this the Best Year for your Child

    3 Ways to Assure Success

    Review last year’s high points, and low points. Reinforce what they did well. Explore what did not go well and probe ways to improve. Eye exam, adequately lit, and undisturbed study area, better organization, planning; simple adjustments that... Read More
    Sylvan Learning
  • The Sylvan Assessment Process Explained

    Say good-bye to guessing. Rather than assuming how your child is really doing in school, our innovative assessment will tell you how he or she compares to national norms. Our assessment digs much deeper than other tutoring companies, and the unique insight we gather allows us to create a personal learning plan, just for your child. Read More
    Sylvan Learning
  • What is your education / tutoring question?

    Do you have a education or tutoring question for our friends at Sylvan Learning in Bellingham? Ask your question and it may be answered on-air! Read More
    Sylvan Learning
  • In The Hurricane

    2014 wasn’t met with the Joy and Warm fuzzies I was expecting but filled with some very difficult times for our family... filled with so much loss and heartache. The energy and emotions of our family seemed to be pulled in all directions. However, as crazy as life's hurdles and unending demands have been... Read More

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