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Alison of Surrey

Our love story began as so many others. Young people who met in church, I was 17, he was 21......we had stars in our eyes and dreams of a perfect life....We married in 1989 when I was 20 and he was just 24. The life we dreamed of was off to a good start and though many probably thought it would never last forever.....we never doubted it for a minute. The early years went by and suddenly the first hurdle we were going to face together was upon was....infertility. For 2 years we faced the ups and the downs that so many couples go through. We desired a family and yet it seemed like it may never come to be. We prayed and cried and trusted......3 years after our desire for a family began we held our son. We thought that God had taken us through one of the hardest things we would face as a couple.....had we only known...... Our daughter came 19 months later, and another son 2 years after much for infertility! The early years were full of diaper changes, not much money in the bank but lots of love in our home. In 1998 God blessed us with another son!! Only this time..things were different. It became apparent very quickly that this very special son was going to have a very difficult path. This son spent 3 of his first 5 years in a hospital, this son of ours survived against all odds many times. Those dark days of infertility seemed like a walk in the park compared to what we were facing as a couple now. Show/Hide Full Story

Laura of Marysville

When I think of the world and how really big it is, it makes me think of one small grain of sand, upon a beach and how small we really are. I was working on at an Air Force base in California, been there for almost seven years at the time, I knew almost everyone there. Our squadron went to Korea for two weeks during the summer. My last night there in Korea, I had met up with some friends to celebrate our departure, when I looked over and saw the most amazing man I had ever set eyes on! I thought he was some contractor, that more than likely I would never see again, beings I was on the other side of the world and knowing long distant relationships rarely work out. We danced the night away and had a wonderful time, and as the evening ended said our goodbyes, I sadly and politely said it was nice to see him and maybe I would see him one day again, thinking I never would...then he said to me "well, you have too!, I am the flight engineer on the flight that is taking your squadron home!" I was shocked, and not only just that, he had told me that he had been working on the same base as me all those years! We never once crossed paths in our own hometown on our own Air Force Base, but of all things, clear across the world, in South Korea! We dated two years and married after that and we both love God and have been blessed with three beautiful children! I know God had something to do with that, because only the impossible is possible with God!

Cynthia of Sumas

In 1979, I was a single mother of two. I had been for several years and I was lonely out of my mind. I used to wonder why a television show character that was on at that time, the Incredible Hulk, had someone to love and I didn't! At that time, that little yellow sale paper you find outside of restaurants and stores had a section called “Meet-a-Mate.” People sent in personal ads and readers responded – including me. I read them assiduously, but rarely found an ad that interested me. That is, until I read one from a man that said he was a Christian, loved children and owned four businesses. The newspaper named him “The Entrepreneur.” I answered the ad with a letter telling a little about me and a lot about my children. Then I forgot about it. One Saturday evening some time later, I was getting ready to leave the house with my children to go grocery shopping when the phone rang. I answered it and heard an unfamiliar voice. “This is 'the Entrepreneur,” the man said. His name was Bob and he'd received my letter from the paper. I told him I was just leaving and asked if he'd mind calling me back after 9 p.m. The kids would be in bed by then and we could talk uninterrupted. (He told me later that he couldn't believe what I was saying. It had taken him all day to work up the courage to call me and here I was asking him to call back later – so I could go grocery shopping!) Show/Hide Full Story

Christina of Arlington

In the summer of 2004, when I was 16, my dad did a concrete job for this family. The dad and his oldest son lived in a trailer up there until their house was built. My dad would come home and tell me all about James ( the son ) and how he loved the Andy Griffith Show. ( It was a family joke that whoever us kids married, had to love that TV show ) My dad suggested I make them a homemade apple pie, since the mom and sisters were living in their old home until the house was built. I did make them an apple pie and my dad said they really enjoyed it. Fast forward to two years later.... My family ended up going to the same church where James attended. I got to observe James quite a bit and we still had yet to meet. I saw how attractive, how attentive he was to the pastors sermons and quiet he was. James has five sisters, so I got to know them very well and often had overnighters at their house. I began to pray about James and wondered if he was the one God had for me. When we left that church, I was pretty sure God had closed that door. I continued to go to his parents house and enjoyed the parents and sisters company. James had a job that took him out of state, so I hardly got to see him. He quit that job in October of 2008, and I got to see him more then : ) I was confused and wondered if I should start praying again. On December 4th, James got together with my dad and asked his permission to court with intention of marrying me. My dad said yes and the next evening, James came over and asked me to sit with him on the porch { And I thought " Oh, here comes the " We're just friends talk " } And he asked to court me!!! We courted for six months, were engaged for 2 months and got married in September of 2009. We now have 2 kids and soon to be 3 in April. I'm so thankful for James and that my apple pie left a good first impression!

Susan of Bellingham

It was 1973, I was 12 and he was 15 when we met. I asked him a few years ago what his reaction was when he first saw me. He said, "we were at church, and you entered the church through the double glass doors and you were bathed in sunlight and were aglow in light, and thought wow, she has great looking legs." I told him, "Wow, God knows how to give you your future wife on a golden platter.' I joked and asked him if he heard music - he didn't remember. Whenever we were in our Youth Group or sitting in church together, or in a crowd, he would always take my hand in his and squeeze it 3 times, and it means "I love you". We still do it to this day, and our children and grandchildren do the 3 hand squeezes. We knew that our relationship was special. Lars asked me to marry him December 1977. We were officially engaged January 1978. We were married two weeks after I graduated from High School. Married to my best friend and the love of my life has been a wonderful journey. We have had our highs and lows. But our love has always seen us through the tough times. He supported me while I went to college and got my degree, and has always been the best husband and father. Our lives turned upside down August 2006. Or you can say right side up. I hadn't felt well for a few months. I started getting a headache in May that would not go away. Then my neck started hurting in mid July, and it would not go away. By the end of July I was running a temperature and vomiting spontaneously. I went to the doctors on August 9th, he took blood work and said that my white cell count was slightly elevated, but not to worry, I just had a virus. Show/Hide Full Story

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  • Picture for a moment the barrenness and bleakness that happens in a life when compromise occurs. It doesn't come immediately. At first it's fun to run with the wrong crowd. There's some zip, a little excitement; there's a measure of thrill and pizzazz in being a part of the in-group. But inevitably the fleshly investment starts to yield its carnal dividends. And when that happens you suffer as you've never suffered before.

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