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Not actually my garage... yet

It’s not a great revelation that the more complicated our lives become, the more lost we get in it.

My garage is complicated, although it doesn’t really need to be. I have many different household items sorted into various sized boxes… somewhat organized, which is great. The problem is my miscellaneous stuff hasn’t found the right box to live in yet. All those little oddities that I keep moving from place to place really should move out of the garage into “outer darkness.”

Our lives can also take off in multiple directions. The more stuff you’ve got going, the less time you have for the real important things in life... like family.

This past week my wife's extended family gathered for a reunion and people came from all over the US and Canada. Of the 80+ that came I knew less than 10, but it was interesting to hear about their lives. Now we have new 'friends' we can visit when travel opportunities come. So glad I made the choice to attend.

Like you, in my own busy life between family, work, church, & community I attempt to prioritize. Sometimes better, sometimes not. 

For our own well being and those we care about it’s in our best interest to simplify.

So, what can I simplify today?

Love God and love others... and others should include your family. Sounds simple enough, and it has the "Jesus seal of approval". Let's get a clue what to do from the maker of... stuff.

Family Reunion

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  1. Nikki Beverford posted on 08/07/2014 11:13 AM
    I just read your "Simplify" post, and I'd like to thank you for writing and posting it. I too was living a life too full, and consequently not able to enjoy any of it, or truly BE there for any of the people and obligations in my life. I had to make some really tough decisions and take some drastic actions to de-clutter my life for the good of my family and my faith (not to mention my sanity, health, finances, etc). So I made the decision to close our family owned restaurant & lounge, which was a hard one because we had all invested the past 5 years planning, working, engineering, repairing, maintaining, marketing, and we were so invested in our business that it was heart breaking to just let it close. However, I am pleased to tell you, that closing it was the best decision as a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Friend that I could have made. I was able to regain a full time relationship with my Husband and children, I was able to see my horses in the light of day, I was able to truly clean and organize my home, and I was able to BE there for my grandkids everyday. I dont miss it (my old life) and I couldn't be happier. God is using me in ways I'd never imagined now that I have time in my schedule everyday, and I believe that I am really making a difference now. Thank you for your insight on Simplifying your life, it truly will set you free! God Bless you & your ministry!!
    1. Larry posted on 08/07/2014 12:51 PM
      @Nikki Beverford Thanks for sharing your story of overcoming, Nikki.
  2. Ken Delorme posted on 09/08/2014 02:00 PM
    Great reunion Larry!
    Really glad you shared with family and friends.

    Ken Delorme
    Whiterock Baptist Church
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