Gold Star Teacher

Gold Star Teacher presented by WECU WECU

Recognizing Outstanding K - 8 Teachers!

Educator, Motivator, Role Model, Friend, Hero, Teacher.

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Is there a teacher in your child’s life that exemplifies these qualities? PRAISE 106.5 wants to help recognize outstanding K-8 teachers in our community with our Gold Star Teacher program! 

Each week, we will select one Gold Star teacher to receive a special gift from PRAISE and our presenting sponsor, WECU - Whatcom Educational Credit Union. We'll also announce the winning teacher and air a commerical about them for an entire week!

Being a great teacher is more than just reading, writing and math, computers, homework or lesson plans.  It means constant dedication and commitment to students which is driven by passion and a servant’s heart.  We think that deserves a Gold Star!

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WECU - Whatcom Educational Credit Union

WECU - Whatcom Educational Credit Union 


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