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Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

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Background: Lisa Williams has been serving in the radio industry since 1990. She is well-known for sharing her heart and passion for Jesus, for her funny relationship with her mom and for her transparency about her long-time struggle with infertility. In 2007, God honored the desire of her heart with the birth of her son Jon David. Less than 2 years later, her second son Jesse was born. In July of 2011 she left full-time radio to embrace being a full-time mommy to JD and Jesse. Lisa and her husband are having times of their lives raising their children as well as serving kids at their wonderful church. She loves getting to share a part of your day with you each weekday!


STUDIO LINE: 1-866-729-1065  

Lisa Williams' Recent Blogs

  • A New Chapter Begins

    As I'm typing this for you to read, I'm listening to David Crowder sing "How He Loves". I'm not sure if I would have ever heard this song - or would even know who David Crowder is - if not for Christian radio. It seems God smiled on us the day He revealed radio to Marconi. He knew you and I would sing "Oh How He Loves" Read More
  • It's Okay to be Ugly

    No one had EVER told me what my drama coach was telling me. Ever. In an improv level one class in 2004, the teacher was telling me that it's okay to be ugly. I remember the words sinking in and settling down into my soul My whole life, either intentionally or implied, the messages I had gotten where pretty similar: Do your best. Look your best. Wear a little make-up when you go out. Lose 10 pounds. Stand up straight. Be nice. Strive for perfection... and only then you will be good and loved. No one had ever said, "Lisa, it's okay to be ugly." Read More
  • So Loved

    Distractions. That's what my friend Kathy calls all the trappings of Christmas. Fun, twinkling, time-consuming, often expensive distractions. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with all of the things we do at Christmas... Read More

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    ScottP_8925 said "Just got results back from throat biopsy . it was positive for Cancer. Please pray for me to remain strong and know that..." Join the Discussion!

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