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Celebrate your love during the month of February! When you fall in love, you want the world to know! Share your love story a weekend getaway to Alderbrook Resort!

Winning Story by Alison of Surrey

Our love story began as so many others. Young people who met in church, I was 17, he was 21......we had stars in our eyes and dreams of a perfect life....We married in 1989 when I was 20 and he was just 24. The life we dreamed of was off to a good start and though many probably thought it would never last forever.....we never doubted it for a minute. The early years went by and suddenly the first hurdle we were going to face together was upon was....infertility. For 2 years we faced the ups and the downs that so many couples go through. We desired a family and yet it seemed like it may never come to be. We prayed and cried and trusted......3 years after our desire for a family began we held our son. We thought that God had taken us through one of the hardest things we would face as a couple.....had we only known...... Our daughter came 19 months later, and another son 2 years after much for infertility! The early years were full of diaper changes, not much money in the bank but lots of love in our home. In 1998 God blessed us with another son!! Only this time..things were different. It became apparent very quickly that this very special son was going to have a very difficult path. This son spent 3 of his first 5 years in a hospital, this son of ours survived against all odds many times. Those dark days of infertility seemed like a walk in the park compared to what we were facing as a couple now. This beautiful, special, amazing child of God is 14 now. He will be our forever 4 year old really. Today I watch the man I fell in love with, for very different reasons so many years ago, changing his precious teens diapers, fixing his feeding tubes and formulas, charging his power wheelchair, hooking up his IV lines and his breathing machine and loving this child with the type of love that only God can place in you. These years have been very challenging. Our lives have revolved around keeping our 3 healthy children’s lives normal in a very un-normal household. One of the things that has taken a back seat over the years is our time together but....we will celebrate 24 years of marriage this spring. I can say beyond a doubt that having a child with a life limiting illness has only drawn us closer together. It has made me see Jesus in my husband in ways I could never have imagined when our love story began. You see when you watch the person you love caring for that piece of your heart that breaths and talks-that is called your 'special' child-it is like watching the hands of Jesus at work. So, our love story began like any other, but will end in a very different way that we could have imagined. It will be a love story of endurance, pain and suffering, hardship and struggle....but it will be a story of a love that has risen above and survived and is stronger than we could have imagined. We are so blessed!

Laura of Marysville

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Cynthia of Sumas

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Christina of Arlington

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Susan of Bellingham

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