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  • If you think your life sometime gets pretty messy… congratulations, you are normal. Last weekend my wife and I were watching a couple of messages that really connected with us by Andy Stanley.
  • It's a crazy game. Zoe on her sleeping bag, me pulling it like a super-powered-mommy turbo engine as we cruise through the living room at top speed. She rides it like a magic carpet. I go fast, so if she slides off, she has to scramble to get back on.
  • You know, when I’m in a room by myself talking into a microphone, I know it’s likely someone is listening, and I hope that the songs that we play and what is said may encourage someone. But, we never know for sure the impact of PRAISE… until we hear from you.
  • If you ever need a place to warm up in the winter, might I suggest a trip to Texas? My wife Kathy and I just got back from a week around the Austin & San Antonio area. It was our first time there and we really had fun exploring. Let me play travel guide for a moment!
  • It’s springtime! Well, almost. But the BUSY season has begun.
  • "If you want to influence another person, the way to start is to nurture them."
  • If you've ever cropped out a double chin in a Facebook picture, you'll know what I'm talking about. I really thought about it when our 3-year-old Zoe started painting. She had a whole table full of chaotic finger painted papers
  • A pink tipped white rose.  

    That’s how our youngest son told us they were expecting a baby girl! Now you need to know that my dad had two boys. I have two boys and my oldest son has two boys with a third on the way.  So, this is a generational ‘game changer’ for the Boumas.  I frankly am not sure how I will ‘deal’ with a baby girl.  I have no experience.  Yet, like a first baby of either kind, it really does come natural once you are in that moment.
  • Over 30 years ago, a wonderful mentor and friend once offered me these wise words as I struggled through a difficult period in my life. He said "Lynette, don't let anyone ever steal your JOY!" Those powerful words stayed with me and empowered me through the next several years.
  • We just got back home this week from Maui where Kathy & I celebrated our wedding anniversary. The timing was perfect. We were blessed with sunny skies and warm breezes; it was pretty easy to forget it was December!
    As you might know, Hawaii has a rather abundant supply of macadamia nuts. Love 'em! When we walked into Costco (yes, they have a warehouse in Maui, which made us feel right at home) there were palettes stacked high with a multitude of ways to consume that pleasant little nut. Some pretty creative ideas, too.

    “Hmmm” I wondered. It was then, I carefully began to search aisle by aisle, pallet by pallet, just to see if by some remarkable chance, an aspiring entrepreneur created the ultimate incentive for brushing one’s teeth three times a day. I’m sure I was there for hours, at least according to my wife.
    Lo and behold, after all that canvasing, just as I turned the corner past the papaya shampoos…
    The reality struck me. There was not one tube to be found of Macadamia Nut Toothpaste.  [Sigh]  That was sort of great news.  Well, perhaps I could be that guy that brings that nutty treat to the marketplace. Imagine…. all those dentists recommending “my nutty toothpaste”.
    So, you may wonder is there some kind of lesson or moral to this story? I wonder, too.
    This I can tell you this.  Today’s crazy idea can often be tomorrow’s bright idea. I’ve always been intrigued by the life work of inventors like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. They didn’t let the status quo hold them back from imagining what “could be”.
    There is a key element needed. The precious God-given gift you and I possess to a great degree is “freedom”.  May we cherish it, and fight for it when necessary. Our Creator takes great pleasure in His “little creators” like you & I.
  • Have you seen the viral video taking the Internet by storm? In fact, this video is now the most popular video EVER! The beautiful thing about the gal behind this video is that she has a good bit of wisdom to share with this world. Watch her message to a group of youth. Audio is attached too!

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