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Have you seen the "Courageous" Film?
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Have you seen the "Courageous" Film? Great inspiring movie and it really moved both my Dad and I. It is still showing in many theaters, at least through Thursday.

To say “I need some help” often takes a good deal of courage. Why is that?

As a guy, my brain is wired to be self-sufficient to provide for myself and my family. I want to believe I can do it. That’s a good thing… to a point.

At many junctures of life, like an old car with a lot of miles on it, we can “stall out.” As a so-so mechanic, I know it’s important to recognize when to say “I need some help" and have the humility to do so.

Are you a little stuck? Have a heart-to-heart with your Creator. Then, give someone the blessing of serving you. You’ll have the chance to do that for someone else… who will one day grasp the courage to say “I need some help.”


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  1. Jim Hillman posted on 12/07/2016 09:41 PM
    I was reading the article above called "the courage to say I need help" and I agree. men are all expected to be the ones to give help to others, but, what happens when you don't don't know how to give the help that someone else needs, better yet, what happens when you can't give the help that is needed. and your the one i that is needing the help instead of the one who is supposed to know how to do those manly things? I am a 67 yr old man who as growing up never learned how to to do the many things that guys are supposed to "automatically"know how to do, and I lost my wife last September and now I am in the position of having to do those things that my wife used to do, I know that happens everyday to the guys out here, but, I can't do some of the male things like lifting heavy things like I used to be able to do, and a lot of those things have got me scared, I am starting to make arrangements for myself to move back to California, I have been here for a little over 25 years, and so, now this is home to me as well as California, and I don't know weather I should stay here or follow my heart and go home, it's scaring me cause I have always had someone here to bounce ideas off of, or ask a hard question that I don't know the answer to, I guess what I am saying is, how can you ask for help when you feel like everyone thinks that I can do it myself, that it isn't a hard thing for a guy to do, well some of us can't do those easy things, especially when you used to not have a problem doing that in the past and now you can't cause you medically can't do it anymore. I know I should go to my church leaders but, I am feeling that no one wants to help me cause of whatever reason they have, well, I am not asking for help by answering this or writing here, but sometimes guys like me need some help to have people understand how guys like me feel when you can't do what you used to, but look outwardly as if we cam and should be able to, I get scared a lot, and I am not used to feeling like that, and there are guys like me who don't know a lot of manly things like a lot of guys d, I don't like being scared but when you ask for help it would be nice once in awhile to have someone understand that we don't want someone telling us what we want to hear, we want someone to understand us and the the things we are asking or saying aren't said just to hear ourselves talk, and that is the bottom line, telling someone what they want to hear just to pasify them so they will not keep on asking for help, thank you for reading and taking the time to understand.......A concerned Male who used to able to do lots.
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