I Wasn't Prepared For That Day

Just over two weeks ago my wife and I happened to be one of the first people at an accident scene that involved an SUV and a cyclist.

The bike rider was in pretty bad shape and his status was uncertain.  I was calling 911, as my wife was assisting a nurse who arrived just after us, and they began administering CPR until the medics arrived.

Unfortunately, the unknown cyclist passed away within a few days. But that’s not the end of the story. 

Eventually we learned he was a high ranking Chief Warrant Officer (CW5) for the Army at Fort Lewis. I attended his memorial service and the chapel was filled. There must have been over 300 there, many from the base in their fatigues.  I could hear the sniffles throughout the service, as many men & women did their best to hold back the tears. This man was deeply loved & respected by his Army family. As shared by a friend he was humble enough to get down in the dirt with the younger guys and be a servant leader. It was evident by the way he lived his life, that he has left a legacy that many may aspire to emulate.

We don’t usually think about how will be remembered after we are gone, and how it may impact others.. But maybe we should, if it helps focus on how we live our lives today. Will anyone aspire to live like me? That’s kind of scary to ask oneself.

Please keep the Stewart family in your prayers (his wife & three children) for His comfort and provision.