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Hey there! 

It’s Saturday morning as I write this.  My kids are standing beside me in their PJ’s asking for milk and waffles and I’m pondering a second cup of coffee.

Just for a moment with just a few words, let me tell you how I feel about this new season in my life, spending time with you Monday through Friday from noon to 3pm on Praise…

Happy.  Blessed.  Fulfilled.

I’m thankful to be the new person on a team that strongly desires to serve you and your family with uplifting, encouraging music.

Can you do me a quick favor?

I would love to know how you found Praise 106.5, where you listen, when you listen, how long you’ve listened, and anything else you wouldn’t mind tell me about you and your family.  

I’ll start.     

I’ve been listening for just over a year.  Married for 26 years.  Two sons who are 5 & 6 years old and keep me busy!  Lover of coffee, books, music, improv, and radio.  Jesus became the Lord of my life in 1985 - He is my best friend.

Okay, now your turn. :)


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  1. Lori-AnneW posted on 06/22/2013 12:36 PM
    hello, Lisa! Welcome to the Praise family! It was nice to hear a new voice this week; your friendly personality is going to make it fun to listen to early afternoons!

    I have been listening to the station for 23 years, wow! I was introduced to it as my mom would always play it in her bedroom, and she found it after we moved to BC from Ontario. Because of this station I made my own personal choice to follow Jesus as a teen! I am now married (for 13 years) and we have 5 children. I am so happy that my children get to listen to Christian radio also! We have it on in the van every time we go out!
  2. BeverleyS_2 posted on 06/24/2013 02:52 PM
    Hi there Lisa and welcome to Praise! My name is Beverley and I have been listening to Praise for a long way back when it was KLYN - probably in the early 80's. It's always been uplifting and an excellent alternative for those of us that want to listen to music with more meaning.
    My family and I are from Maple Ridge BC and we listen to Praise everywhere, in the van, on the computer and on the iphone. It's awesome listening to my kids singing along with the songs that they hear.
    Blessings to you on your new venture with Praise.
  3. MarilynK posted on 06/24/2013 02:58 PM
    Hi! I listened to 105.3 from 1983-1997 when I moved to Monroe and couldn't get the station. That's when I found 106.5! I was 23 years old.
    My kids are now growing up with Praise on all the the car, on the computer and radio. I love that they won't let me change the station and that they sing along to the words. As the grow, the truth will stick in their heads and hearts.

    If it wasn't for christian radio when I was younger, I would have been dead. I was very abused and ended up in foster care and it was the songs that stopped me the many times I attempted suicide and the other times, God let me live. NEVER underestimate who you might help or save by the right words, kindness and encouragement. WELCOME!
  4. GabrieleB posted on 08/26/2013 11:04 PM
    I am Gabi and I am 52 and have 4 kids and lots of stories to tell.I have been listening to Praise for 10+ yrs but I was gone out of the area for 15 yrs. Listened to the christian station that was here then so it seems like forever.You were a welcome addition to the team. Love your style.We need more JESUS talk and praying for one-another.Keep up the good work Girl.
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