Another Bump In The Road of Life

Bumps in the road of life…we all have them. Isn’t it funny how we rarely see them coming at us even though we know they will sooner than later?!? 

Last week I found out I have a blood clot in my calf.    Well, I’m a little young for that so the doctors are wondering why.  Seems the answer could be a tiny bump, a pothole or a ‘bridge out’ kind of bump.  It may have been a long drive I took at the end of September… a tiny bump.  It could be genetic… a pot-hole bump. Or, it could be cause by a tumor.

Having survived cancer 4 times in my life, I would call this the ‘bridge-out’ kind of bump. Testing will tell. The waiting is always the worst. But, knowing that God is faithful regardless of the size of the road bump brings peace in the midst of the storm. Are you, like me, facing a bump in the road? Keep both hands on the wheel (and your mind in His Word) as you travel this bumpy road we call life.