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Before the Rush
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Christmas. The birth of our Savior. The reminder that God is with us!

Do you sometimes feel too rushed during the Christmas season to contemplate the wonder of it all? It’s easy with the demands and frantic pace of the season to get caught in the headlong rush to the morning of December 25th. This Christmas season I want to be intentional about making time to take in the wonder of God’s stunning plan to rescue us from our sin.

So, what is it going to take for me to not get caught up in the rush? I think it starts with the intentionality and the desire to do it differently. Then I need to have a plan, a plan to spend quiet time with God each morning pondering His Gift to us and the ramifications of that. My plan needs to include plenty of family time and time for meaningful conversation about our Savior. Then there’s seeing the wonder of Christmas through the eyes of children, watching their expressions, asking them questions about Jesus and the Christmas story.

Those are a few of my thoughts about how to experience the wonder of Christmas, before the rush runs me over. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Blatkn posted on 11/20/2013 12:02 AM
    What a wonderful Savior we have! Just think now, how that Jesus left the glory of heaven and the Father's house, to become a babe in a smelly manger for you and me. How he grew up being ridiculed as an illegitimate son so we could become the adopted sons and daughters of God. How he went to the cross to pay in full the penalty for our every sin. How he was buried and carried our sins so far away we can never meet them again. How he laid down His life, then took it up again on the 3rd day, defeating for once and all every principality of darkness. Praise the Holy Name of Jesus! Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus
  2. Marcia Crabtree posted on 11/20/2013 06:36 PM
    I love being with family, because life is so very short. We lost four members of our family in a seven month time. Life is so fragile. I enjoy every moment with my Husband, kids, my Mom, grand kids and my siblings. Helping and being there for each other through hard times and having fun in good times. It's a reminder of how God feels about us and how he loves spending time with us too. It's even more special to know that we will see our family someday again.
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