Has There Been Some Pruning In Your Life Recently?

Is spring really here or is today’s sunshine just a tease of things to come? I don’t know the answer to that question, but my roses seem to. My wife, Sharon, always tells me it’s time to prune the roses on President’s Day. Well, yesterday I headed out to prune our roses and discovered I may be too late!  They seem to think most of winter is over.

You know, in some ways we really are like roses. Pretty in place, yet able to inflict pain on those who come in contact with our thorns. Left un-pruned, we grow wild and out of control. When pruned, we become the visual representation of love, just like a beautiful red rose. Through God’s loving pruning and the wisdom of His Word, we can go from wild and out of control to become the visual representation of God’s love to those around us. Has there been some pruning in your life recently?

Thoughts from my backyard,

Jim Bouma
Morning Show Host
John 15:1-2