You must tell me who you are!

Hey there! 

It’s Saturday morning as I write this.  My kids are standing beside me in their PJ’s asking for milk and waffles and I’m pondering a second cup of coffee.

Just for a moment with just a few words, let me tell you how I feel about this new season in my life, spending time with you Monday through Friday from noon to 3pm on Praise…

Happy.  Blessed.  Fulfilled.

I’m thankful to be the new person on a team that strongly desires to serve you and your family with uplifting, encouraging music.

Can you do me a quick favor?

I would love to know how you found Praise 106.5, where you listen, when you listen, how long you’ve listened, and anything else you wouldn’t mind tell me about you and your family.  

I’ll start.     

I’ve been listening for just over a year.  Married for 26 years.  Two sons who are 5 & 6 years old and keep me busy!  Lover of coffee, books, music, improv, and radio.  Jesus became the Lord of my life in 1985 - He is my best friend.

Okay, now your turn. :)