Oh, That First Day of Kindergarten

My emotions must have been just under the surface waiting for the right time for the dam to burst.  This morning, we walked our 5-year-old Jesse into his Kindergarten class for the first time.  While talking with another mom, unexpectedly tears began to pour out of me.  Our little man Jesse, just a baby in my arms yesterday, was looking at me from his desk with big, excited, slightly scared, and intelligent brown eyes.

From the moment they are born, we are in the process of letting them go!  For some moms, like my friend Pam, she spent this week watching her son Jonah pack his things for college.  When she heard him say “It’s about time for me to go, Momma”, her heart was filled with so much it felt like it would burst.

Time is short!  We get only about 25% of our life to have them in our home to love, hug, snuggle, kiss, feed, dress, discipline, teach, coach, mentor … and then it’s suddenly time to help them transition into their season to find God’s calling for their lives.  Let’s pray for each other (leave your story in the comments below) so that we can fully feel the human emotion of these transitions without holding on too tightly to a child who really belongs to Him anyway.

Much love,