Finding Peace After Divorce

One of the most difficult, darkest experiences in life can be dealing with a divorce. I think most would agree the breakup of a family is entirely something to be avoided if at all possible, as it affects not just oneself but so many others. But sometimes the choice is made for us, and we just have to deal with it as best we can.

When I went through this 15 years ago, a local church sponsored a weekly group gathering called Divorce Care. The program featured videos from some renowned Christian counselors plus some discussion time, often filled with tears as people are sharing their story. The series explored many facets from a Christian worldview that touch people before, during, and after a marital break up.

This well thought out Divorce Care program was extremely helpful to me. It continues today in churches everywhere. As I was in a very vulnerable time of life, it helped me be aware of what to focus on and even what not to do when in this broken state. I know it can be beneficial to many in this diffcult season of life.

A short segment spoke to those contemplating divorce. One should be aware of the potential repercussions and other options available. The course even covers reconciliation in one session, which may often look impossible to many… yet the impossible does happen for some.

In the US and Canada there are a number of Divorce Care groups underway now and some starting soon. If you or someone you know can use some help through this season of life I suggest you check into it.