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As I'm typing this for you to read, I'm listening to David Crowder sing "How He Loves". I'm not sure if I would have ever heard this song - or would even know who David Crowder is - if not for Christian radio. It seems God smiled on us the day He revealed radio to Marconi. He knew you and I would sing "Oh How He Loves" together, together reminded of the most important thing. He loves us.

For almost a year, I've been honored to be play songs for you on Praise 106.5. It has been such an honor to weave the songs together for you, offering short moments of encouragement, information, prizes, stories, and friendship. But really, what makes Praise 106.5 amazing is not me or any of the people here. It's the music. The songs, they are full of hope and worship and reminders that we are so loved.

Today, I called a friend of ours who is a pastor. I felt God prompting me to simply tell him: God loves you. He loves you when you are driving, He loves you when you are sitting watching TV, He loves you when you are working, He loves you when you are thinking bad thoughts. He loves you, He loves you, He loves you. My friend began to cry. He said it is the thing he struggles with the most, knowing that God loves him.

Life can be difficult and discouraging. You need encouragement, period. I don't know much, but one thing I know for sure is this: He loves you. You and I need to think about that, embrace that, and live our lives in response to that every day until we take our last breath. Because of the songs that play every day, all day, encouragement to accept His love and to worship Him for that love flow through our homes and lives. What a blessing Praise 106.5 is to us all.

Even though I won't be on the air at Praise 106.5 any more (and by the way, I WILL MISS YOU), I will continue to listen to the music so that my heart, soul, body, and mind can be saturated in a love relationship that supersedes them all. For God SO LOVED that He gave the best gift ever given. And we get to hear songs about it all day long. What a blessing.

Much love, Lisa


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  1. Ella Greengrass posted on 05/21/2014 11:43 AM
    I can't believe you won't be on any more. I love all your thoughtful comments. You have a way to tie in a personal message with every song. Sorry to see you go.
  2. Barbara Sykes posted on 05/21/2014 11:52 AM
    Sorry to hear you're leaving the station, we'll miss you! Thanks for this uplifting letter and all you have done with 106.5 for us! May God continually bless you :)
  3. Lu Ann Jones posted on 05/21/2014 12:38 PM
    So sorry to hear you are leaving - I so appreciate your compassion & encouragement .... I added Psalm 63:3 as my wall paper at work - so encouraging.
    Thank you Lisa
    will miss you....
  4. Gordon posted on 05/21/2014 12:39 PM
    Lisa, Thank you for investing your time in the works of God through Praise 1065. Our family hopes for your continued perseverance in faith and Christs preeminence in your life. We pray that God continue to guide you as a blessing to others.

  5. Helen Uyi-Osagie posted on 05/21/2014 12:57 PM
    Thank you so much Lisa for all the encouraging words and stories. I thank God for giving us the opportunity to know you through this station. God bless you and your family.:)
  6. Linda L. Price posted on 05/21/2014 01:36 PM
    Yes HE love us, and HE loves you too!!!! What beautiful encouragement in your letter, Thank you Lisa. Jeremiah 29:11 is for you! May GOD bless and enrichen your life and those around you.
  7. Kim posted on 05/21/2014 02:04 PM
    Sorry you won't be on anymore. But when God closes on door He opens another. So what ever door He opens for you, I pray you will be blessed and be a blessing to other always.
  8. Jackie posted on 05/21/2014 03:03 PM
    Lisa, You will be missed, I have grown strong through your words of encouragement and felt the love of God though the songs you shared. I wish all the best for you. You are wise beyond your years. May God hold you close and keep you and yours safe.
  9. Mary posted on 05/21/2014 03:16 PM
    Dear Lisa, Had no idea you were leaving till I read your note. I love listening to you when I'm off ; I'm usually working when you're on... I love your comments, listening 'bout your family and your comments on the songs. May God richly bless you in your new adventure whatever it is!!!
  10. sharon posted on 05/21/2014 04:23 PM
    I will miss you I am sorry to see you go, can I ask on what you are doing now God bless you on your new adventure, on whatever you do
  11. Kerri posted on 05/21/2014 06:59 PM
    I am sorry that you are leaving, I wondered what you meant that it is will be missed. We are like friends. Worshipping together all day long through the radio. Take care and god bless you and may He continue to shine through you in the next adventure, God is good and the staff is so great since klyn days care,
  12. Jacqueline posted on 05/21/2014 07:36 PM
    Thank you, Lisa!
    I love that song - it is so powerful! I heard it for the first time during a PASSION concert in Vancouver a few years ago and fell in love! :)
    PRAISE is my favorite station and I really miss it - being and working in China at the moment. We serve an AWESOME God and thank you for sharing His great message!!!
  13. Trina posted on 05/21/2014 10:16 PM
    Thank you Lisa for the encouragement you have given us each day. I am a mom of two boys and related to all of your wonderful stories about your precious children. There were many times I found myself laughing out loud at some of your adventures! You would often say the things I was thinking! I will miss you but I know whatever you do next you will continue to be used by God to bless those around you!
  14. Sharon White posted on 05/21/2014 10:38 PM
    Thank you Lisa, You do not know how much I needed to re-hear those words. He loves me! I do not know where you are headed but I pray a special blessing over you. I pray that wherever your journey takes you, that you will keep Christ as the pilot on your journey. <3
  15. Anne posted on 05/22/2014 07:42 AM
    So sorry and surprise to hear of your departure. You have been such an amazingly uplifting voice on the air. I'm believing God has given you a new assignment, while it is hard to leave things behind, we must empty our hands to accept new things. I wish you much happiness and success on whatever comes next. You will be missed!
  16. Lisa Williams posted on 05/22/2014 07:54 AM
    Hey friends - I am overwhelmed by all the comments here this morning! I came to re-read what I had written and was so blessed to read all your words.

    For a long time, God has been stirring my heart to serve in a way that helps the widow, the orphan, the oppressed, the poor, the stranger, the "least of these", and those who do not know they are loved. An opportunity has come to me that will allow me to work for a company that will let me pour myself out to help others, using my radio gifts and experience.

    It was VERY hard for me to leave being on-air at Praise 106.5. It is an honor and privilege to speak with you every day. And the team at Praise has made me feel so loved and respected. I want to always stay connected to them and you and Praise 106.5.

    You can keep in touch through my blog, Please consider checking in there each week so you can know where I am, what I'm raising money for/pouring out my heart for, and then perhaps you could pray for me!

    Thanks again everyone for everything.
    We are #SOloved!
    Now what are we going to do with that?? :)
    much love,
    1. Donald Trudeau posted on 05/22/2014 12:53 PM
      @Lisa Williams Thank you for the words, God loves me, over the past serveral years you and your staff have prayed for me as a single dad and your words and the music praise plays as always uplifted me, thank you for your service and I will pray for your next adventure in God's Kingdom. Thank you Lisa and remember, he loves you.

      Donald in Prince George, BC, Canada
  17. Bonnie posted on 05/22/2014 01:48 PM
    I will certainly miss you!! I apprecieate you, your personality, and your program. You have a mindset thats hard to come by in our generation. :) May God Bless you, and your family, with abundance of courage and strength, and provision!

    Bonnie S
  18. Sue Speek posted on 05/22/2014 10:07 PM
    Oh Lisa! it feels like we are loosing a family member! I so love your personality, you feel like a breath of fresh air, and I'll miss your spirit. As for your new adventure... we here at our side of the radio, wish all the best that God has in store for you and your family... even tho it means leaving us, it means leaving to serve in a different way. never will I forget the first time I heard you on PRAISE... such a sweet, honest and pure love and excitement for The Lord. may God continue to richly Bless you, and hold your family in the palm of His Hand! As you go... go with all our love, support and prayers. And, with deep thank-you's for the pure fun and joy you have brought to us!
  19. Michael posted on 05/23/2014 06:07 AM
    Praise has really become part of my family as I listen every day while working. The encouragement and uplifting music is a wonderful reminder of the grace God gives us daily. You, Lisa, have a been part of that and I will miss your "company".
  20. deborah posted on 05/24/2014 10:26 PM
    What? Already? Oh so sad, Lisa. Want you to know you're the reason I started listening in the afternoons. I found Praise 5 years ago, started listening to the evening shows: Chuck Swindoll, Greg Laurie. It was your wonderfully kind, enthusiastic voice, your relaying encouraging scripture, your terrific sense of "mom" humor. I will miss you so much! :(
  21. Karen posted on 05/26/2014 10:54 AM
    YHWH Bless you on your journey. Thank you for all your encouragement. We miss you
  22. Angie posted on 05/28/2014 07:27 AM
    Lisa - Yes! You ARE loved & unfortunately you are leaving us - but you need to know you will be missed - terribly so! I loved hearing your caring, sharing stories, very much! The personal touch was wonderful! Just know I wish you well, today, tomorrow & into eternity - hope to C U there! Love, through Him, who first loved us! Angie <
  23. Christine posted on 06/03/2014 10:17 AM
    Hi Lisa,
    I'm glad I found a place to leave you a note! I was listening to Praise when you announced that you were leaving:( I had tears I must admit. I was always encouraged by your sharing between songs. You have a real boldness about you when you share for the Lord! A real gift! I often thought, WOW I wish I could share like that and not be afraid. You have been a real encouragement. I will miss hearing you on the radio. I wish you all the best in your future. Your boys are awesome on the radio too. I'll always remember your "Larry Lomax" rap song:)
  24. CDad posted on 06/11/2014 07:29 AM
    Thanks Lisa for your vulnerability and inspiring way you would speak into our hearts to gently challenge us to grow in our faith and find deeper meaning in the songs. You are going to be missed!
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