A New Chapter Begins

As I'm typing this for you to read, I'm listening to David Crowder sing "How He Loves". I'm not sure if I would have ever heard this song - or would even know who David Crowder is - if not for Christian radio. It seems God smiled on us the day He revealed radio to Marconi. He knew you and I would sing "Oh How He Loves" together, together reminded of the most important thing. He loves us.

For almost a year, I've been honored to be play songs for you on Praise 106.5. It has been such an honor to weave the songs together for you, offering short moments of encouragement, information, prizes, stories, and friendship. But really, what makes Praise 106.5 amazing is not me or any of the people here. It's the music. The songs, they are full of hope and worship and reminders that we are so loved.

Today, I called a friend of ours who is a pastor. I felt God prompting me to simply tell him: God loves you. He loves you when you are driving, He loves you when you are sitting watching TV, He loves you when you are working, He loves you when you are thinking bad thoughts. He loves you, He loves you, He loves you. My friend began to cry. He said it is the thing he struggles with the most, knowing that God loves him.

Life can be difficult and discouraging. You need encouragement, period. I don't know much, but one thing I know for sure is this: He loves you. You and I need to think about that, embrace that, and live our lives in response to that every day until we take our last breath. Because of the songs that play every day, all day, encouragement to accept His love and to worship Him for that love flow through our homes and lives. What a blessing Praise 106.5 is to us all.

Even though I won't be on the air at Praise 106.5 any more (and by the way, I WILL MISS YOU), I will continue to listen to the music so that my heart, soul, body, and mind can be saturated in a love relationship that supersedes them all. For God SO LOVED that He gave the best gift ever given. And we get to hear songs about it all day long. What a blessing.

Much love, Lisa