Lessons From A Horse

I’m an avid outdoorsman.

I love being out in the ‘garden’ God has given mankind. Although in a fallen state, it’s still spectacular, and my experiences have taught me that it can be scary too.

A couple of weeks ago Sharon and I spent 5 days with friends near Merritt, B.C. camping. While we were there, a severe thunderstorm rolled through with strong winds that sent unsecured tents literally rolling through the campground. Followed by small hail and eventually a lot of heavy rain. Our friends are Horsemen and while we sat in the protection of our camper and waited out the storm, I watched as the horses simply turned their backs to the wind and lowered their heads and took the force of the storm.

They didn’t freak out, try to get away or even worry about it as best as I could tell. They seemed to know that “this too shall pass”. I thought about the many times a storm has blown into my life and how easy it is to freak out, run away and of course worry. As I watched those horses I wondered if maybe they didn’t have a better understanding of that biblically directive…”be still and know”.

Trying to be still and not worry,