FamilyLife Weekend Getaway, Whistler

Whistler, BC
Friday, November 22, 2013 to Sunday, November 24, 2013
All Day

Are you ready to strengthen your marriage?

Life has a way of overwhelming a marriage. Jobs, kids, activities, errands. Before you know it, checking your e-mail is more important than carving out a date night. FamilyLife Weekend Getaway couples retreat is a chance to make a change. It’s a time to rediscover each other and find more intimacy in your life together.

Arrival When you arrive, we’ll help you step away from daily life. Cell phones are turned off. To-do lists are forgotten. You’ll find it’s a warm, engaging environment that’s all about making progress in your marriage.

Discoveries Our speakers will show you exactly how to pursue a marriage that really works through stories of their own break-throughs and blunders. Every couple drives away with a roadmap to a great marriage. In just one weekend, you will discover:

  • God’s purpose for bringing you together
  • Your distinct roles as husband and wife
  • How to resolve conflict and fight fair
  • Secrets to putting sizzle in your sex life

We want you to leave the conference with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build and grow your relationship.

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