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Well, what about that snow, friends? Sending warm, snow-melting thoughts your way!

So, how do you do during weeks like this? They are a bit unpredictable aren't they? Ever since we had kids I've had to learn a very important lesson: Flexibility. I never know if a week is going to be normal. Is someone going to get sick? Is there going to be a snowstorm? Is our furnace going to break? Yes! All those things. But, I've learned something along the way, and I'm grateful I did. On the mornings I wake up and life isn't how I expected it to be...I pause, look up to God and say "You are enough."

To be fair it doesn't mean I am always a picture of grace and calm, but my heart is. I may have bags under my eyes and my hair and clothes may look frazzled, but my heart is resting in him. It has made all the difference.

Here are the top 5 FB posts of the week. I hope you've found encouragement amidst the chaos this week.

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*grace on the typo, friends

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