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Now PRAISE listeners have easy access to expert advice and information! Ask the Experts is the new feature built to provide the PRAISE community with interactive dialogue directly with professionals across many fields. Read blogs, ask questions and listen to interviews from a growing list of qualified experts including banking, education, home repair and health. Be an informed buyer with Ask the Experts and PRAISE 106.5! Read more...

PRAISE Family Portraits 2013

Capture the hearts of the PRAISE Family by sharing treasured photos of your babies, kids, pet or your family! Each week through November 9th, vote for your favorite! Read more...

How to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

World Concern World Concern will be supporting World Renew in their response work for Moore and Oklahoma City. World Renew is sending Early Response Coordinators to Moore to help with Spiritual Care and Early Assessment, and to plan for clean-up and long term recovery efforts. Read more...

'Did Baby Jesus Wear Diapers?'

When my niece Allie was 5, she frequently asked me imaginative questions about God. One day Allie arranged a pastoral ministry session for me. I waited on the front steps of her house while she gathered several of her friends. A study group gathered, and Allie announced, "My uncle is a preacher, and he can tell you what kinds of ice cream there will be in heaven." Read more...

Foundations of Faith

It’s not an easy task to raise kids in the Christian faith. The world seems determined to undermine the principles of the Gospel. In schools, in entertainment, in culture—our kids confront messages that contradict what they're learning at home and in church, whether it's in beliefs about life and its origins, morality, the design of the family or lifestyle choices. Our Enemy has a clear objective: to erase truth from our kids' minds and pull them away from the path God has for their lives. Read more...

Mother-Daughter Conflict

"I hate you!" my daughter screamed. "I wish you weren't my mother!" Little did she realize that some days I felt the same way. Ugly words, unmet expectations and crazy hormones can fill a mother-daughter relationship with tension. Read more...

Building Family Identity

My wife, Cathy, and I stared at each other in disbelief as our oldest daughter, Christy, told us she was running away. When she started packing her suitcase, we knew she was serious. Cathy and I weren't sure if we should laugh or cry. After all, Christy was only 6. Read more... Gets a Tune-Up

Upon landing on today, you may have noticed some subtle changes. Along with the minor aesthetic tune-up comes many new features and improvements. Naming just a few of the many: Read more...

How to Get Your Password

PRAISE respects your privacy and the limited information that you provide us. That is why we have protected your PRAISE Family membership with a password. Read more...

How to Find a Church

When you walk through the doors on Sunday morning of a brand new church can you see and experience the love of God, and are people greeting you? Do you feel welcome? Can you sense the love of God through the people fellowshipping there? The world that we live in can be cruel and uncaring but the church that we attend should be just the opposite. Read more...
  • Letting Go

    I knew she was ready for kindergarten, and in many ways, I was ready for her to go. But then it came and I kept thinking, “How did we get here?” I had so many thoughts during those days leading up to the first day of school. Read More

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