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We at PRAISE 106.5 consider it a privilege and honor to pray for and with our listeners.  Please note that prayer requests do not get posted immediately. All prayer requests are subject to review. We prayerfully reserve the right to edit or remove requests due to excessive length or inappropriate content.

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  1. Juan posted on 11/11/2016 07:43 AM
    please pray for Gretchen Gahan she is the hospital here in Bellingham she has cancer and need our prayers Thank You.
  2. Laura posted on 11/16/2016 10:40 AM
    Please pray for those in our community who feel threatened or unsafe (people of color, non-Christians, LGBT, etc.), that they may know their value as children of God, and that many would wear safety pins as an outward sign that we wish and pray and will act for their safety.
  3. Anonymous posted on 11/16/2016 01:45 PM
    Listener who could use prayer today and she is dealing with numbness in her foot which is making walking hard ultimately resulting in not being able to work at this time.
  4. Anonymous posted on 11/16/2016 02:34 PM
    Please pray for my parents 90 (Dad) and 87 (Mom). My mom has dementia, however we are thankful that she is a Christian and walked with Christ her whole life, however please pray for my Dad as he is not a believer. Although he has shown the love of Christ in taking care of my mom we pray that he would know Christ on a personal level.
  5. Anonymous posted on 11/16/2016 03:13 PM
    About 6 months ago my husband had prostrate removal surgery. Praising Jesus that 3rd and 6th month markers show cancer is gone, however the toll it has taken on finances and marriage is hard. Please continue to pray for health, that financially we can get on top of these impending medical bills and pray for marriage.
  6. Anonymous posted on 11/16/2016 03:50 PM
    Please pray my kids and myself as we lost our dad & husband 4 short months ago. This was a sudden thing as a result of a medical error.
  7. Sanju posted on 11/24/2016 09:14 PM
    Praise The Lord. Today I would like my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me. I'm a 37 year old woman. I have never dated or had a relationship. I believe that God has a plan for me. I have been praying that God would lead me to my husband. But I realize that may be God doesn't have a husband in mind for me. God is using me as a single woman. I feel sad sometimes but I realize that God's plans are righteous and perfect. Therefore, please pray for me that I will have the strength to live a godly life as a single woman in the Lord. Please pray that I will have the courage to remain faithful to who God wants me to be. God bless you all.
  8. Esther Bas posted on 11/24/2016 11:40 PM
    Please pray for me! I am struggling to give everything into God's hands, which is causing me to be stressed out! I need! Let God do His work in me! Thank you!
  9. Josephin posted on 11/27/2016 07:40 PM
    father, please help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows, I come with a broken heart, I need You. please forgive me and damianus aditya too. Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. Please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. may be that God is telling me to let him go. please touched me, treat wounds within me, help me to move as you wish, remove the burden, to delete all trauma, delete all memories of his promise and his parents promise. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me
  10. Fred Swindells posted on 11/27/2016 08:38 PM
    In 2011 I had the joy of having Lynette Morgan help me make my first movie "The Husband Chair". In Nov. 2014 my wife Mindy had her breast cancer return (she has had tumours appear in her spine, ribs, pelvis, and now in her liver and lungs). Last Monday (Nov. 21) the doctors said that she has just days to live. Two years ago Mindy prayed for her "Christmas miracle" which she hoped would be the disappearance of her cancer. Now I am praying that she would have as painless of an exit from this world as possible and that her American family would understand our desire to have our remains buried together in a Canadian cemetery.
  11. KimG_4080 posted on 11/28/2016 06:46 AM
    Dear Heavenly God, Raise up prayer warriors. In Jesus name.
  12. andy posted on 11/29/2016 10:44 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:54 AM on 12/01/2016
    Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers... Blessings to you!
  13. Andy posted on 11/29/2016 10:45 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:54 AM on 12/01/2016
    Hi... I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries... I also have a court case coming up I HAVE to get ready for, finding the right lawyer, and answers, Thank you very much... amen... blessings to you!
  14. Andy posted on 11/29/2016 10:45 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:56 AM on 12/01/2016
    I would like prayers so that I could start talking to my ex-girlfriend again and have a good relationship with her and her daughter, and that she would be on fire for God! And if she is not the one, then to find a Godly wife.Thank you very much and blessings
  15. Mandy posted on 11/29/2016 04:50 PM
    I'm going through severe depression. Very badly that I don't get out of bed, avoid dealing with people. It's affecting my health and I can't be around people or crowded situations. I am very stressed out and life seems like a constant battle.
  16. SDBJCplus4 posted on 12/01/2016 07:56 AM
    Good morning,
    HELP! We are in desperate need of prayer for our struggling marriage. There's been a lot of hurt, bitterness, resentment and anger for far too long and was hoping/praying for God's intervention. Unforgiveness has had such a hold on me and has affected my health and would love to be free of this disease.
    Thank you!
  17. Rietta Heide posted on 12/02/2016 11:18 AM
    Lord I pray for Mandy.
    Give her more of the Holy Spirit.
    For we all need more of the Holy Spirit.
    John 14:13 & 14 Jesus said ask any thing in my name & the Father will give it to you. Jesus I come against the spirit of depression, & anxiety and I cast it to the pit of hell where it belongs. Release Mandy NOW in the name of Jesus I pray. Surround her with your ministring angels & fill her with your Holy Spirit & the blood of Jesus and His love, now I pray. Send people to her to minister to her.
    Now Mandy all you need to do is thank the Lord for it & keep praising Him for your needs even when you don't see it. This is the month of miracles. Look for your miracle Mandy. Keep praising Him. His miracle is coming your way. Expect it. Be in anticipation of it. It is yours to receive. Thank you Lord for Mandy. Now Mandy, step out in faith. The enemy does not want you to do that, to step out in faith. He wants you to stay stuck. Well greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Baby steps Mandy. Start right now.
    You can do it. The Lord is with you. Smile. Step out.
    Merry Christmas Mandy. Love you hugs xoxoxo
  18. LisaS_1363 posted on 12/03/2016 12:57 AM
    I would like to ask for prayer for our family. My husband needs a new job. We are very thankful for the one he has, as we know there are so many without. However, he has to commute an hour and a half each way everyday on top of a 12 hour work day. He likes his job but the time is so hard. He never sees our boys and when he gets home there is so much to do. I am disabled and no longer able to teach. We lost our house due to my medical bills and have been living with my parents. My Dad has dementia and now my Mom is getting sick as well. There is so much weight on my husband's shoulders. Plus, we have never recovered financially. When I got sick five years ago things were not too of the world but besides school loans and our house we didn't have debt. Now even our groceries are going on credit cards. We have $30 for The whole month. And this happens every month. Thankfully, I am a planner and I was buying presents though out the year so our boys will have Christmas presents. I would please just like prayer for my husband. For strength. Sleep. For a job that pays better and is closer to home so he can see the family more. For health for me. I am educated & can help bring in income if I am well. For my Dad. He has a very difficult disease. My Mom is really having a hard time. We are all believers and firmly believe God is walking with us and this is part of his plan. Still, there are hard days. Please pray for our 12 year old boys too as life is much harder than it should be. They have spent way too much time in the hospital. Thank you so much for your prayers. Merry Christmas. Lisa
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/07/2016 04:09 PM
      @LisaS_1363 Lifting you, your husband, and family in prayer now. God is a good good Father! Continue to rely on Him for strength and to slow down enough to see glimpses of Him at work. God goes before you Lisa! You are loved!
      Praise 106.5 Family
  19. Bojidar Bojkov posted on 12/05/2016 09:57 AM
    We asked for your prayers that me and my wife will have peace during this time of challenges in our life. Please pray for the following 2 separate concerns:
    1) that the water damage claim that we are experiencing since October will be handled well and resolved with only minimal cost in our part. The restoration company assigned to us has been stating costs one after another that we need to pay in addition to the deductible because these are not covered by the insurance. When we asked for how much the approved repair cost is, the project manager became hostile to us. We cannot afford to incur more costs as we already will pay for the deductible and a new dishwasher to replace the broken one that caused the water damage.
    2) we filed a complaint in Better Business Bureau against the plumbing contractor that we hired a few months before this water damage. He charged us way more that he verbally quoted. The written quote is full repipe on our unit and we hired him for that. But then he recommended a partial repipe because it is not needed and we would only spend unnecessary cost. He verbally quoted half the price of the written quote for partial repipe and we went for it. After the work was completed he sent us an invoice which is 80% of the written quote in contrast to what he verbally quoted as only 50%. Please pray that this invoice amount issue will be resolved to what he verbally quoted so we can pay and settle this obligation.
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/07/2016 04:04 PM
      @Bojidar Bojkov Lord Jesus, you know all the details in this situation. We pray that it can settle soon and that you 2 can continue to bring Glory to God while you work with this plumbing company.
      Praise 106.5 Family
  20. Jennifer posted on 12/05/2016 02:21 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 02:26 PM on 12/05/2016
    Please pray for my daughter Brooke-Lynn. She is in a very dark place right now and is struggling to continue on. She needs to feel the presence and peace of our Lord. The enemy continues to attack her and she has been hurt over and over.
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/07/2016 12:07 PM
      @Jennifer Lord we pray now for Brook-Lynn. You know what she's going through. We pray that she would know you more and more. The enemy has no place in her life!!! And we pray for mom too. This is hard!!! May she cling to you Jesus. You are our rock!
  21. Ayah Soliman posted on 12/05/2016 07:12 PM
    I really need some prayers. My husband lovingly separated and he's moved to his hometown. Our son and I are now in a challenging situation. We are homeless and it seems that I'm running into obstacle after obstacle to secure a permanent home. We are staying in hotels and I've had to take time off work because the stress has gotten me sick with the flu. Plus now my breaks are not working properly on our car. I'm working hard at staying strong for my little guy. Tomorrow is our last day in the hotel and I just don't know what to do. I feel so helpless and that God has abandoned me too. Please pray that I stay strong and proactive through this. Thank you.
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/07/2016 12:03 PM
      @Ayah Soliman Joining you in prayer Ayah! This is definitely a challenging situation and I wish I could take it away. May you know and experience God's love for you and your son like never before. He loves you!!! and your son!!! May God be your strength that can only come from Him.
      Praise 106.5 Family
  22. Kyle posted on 12/05/2016 08:14 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:25 AM on 12/06/2016
    Please pray for Clarence and his family as we seek to find them help, shelter and guidance from the Lord. Thank you so much and God Bless.
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/07/2016 12:00 PM
      @Kyle Lord Jesus, hear our prayer!
      Praise Family
  23. tara posted on 12/06/2016 08:15 AM
    Please pray for my mom. She is having a tough time with my sister and needs peace and joy to overcome this situation. Please pray that she has wisdom and discernment and that she is able to overcome any fears she has about doing the wrong thing. Also, pray that if it is Gods will that she is blessed with a true love.
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/06/2016 09:29 AM
      @tara Thank you Tara for sharing! We will definitely be praying for you and your family!
      Praise 106.5 Family
  24. Joel posted on 12/06/2016 01:49 PM
    Please pray for me. I'm going through a lot of stress right now and I'm not sure that I can handle it. I have sinned and I have asked God for forgiveness. Please Lord, give me strength and hope. I need you more than ever. I want to be a good Christian. Make me a better person and forgive me. Please make this situation right.
    1. Joel posted on 12/06/2016 09:00 PM
      @Joel I asked God for a sign that everything was going to be ok in my prayers. I was talking and crying to my wife and explained what I was going through. As I was talking I noticed a bleach stain on my PJ's. It was in the form of a perfect cross. I hope this is the sign from God. Please Lord, let it be true that everything is going to be ok. I have changed, I'm a better man.
  25. melissa posted on 12/07/2016 02:57 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 11:37 AM on 12/07/2016
    Lord , please send me miracle ,before Christmas make me happy and let smile turn back , please fill SHN heart with love for me through Holy spirit ,please solve all problems. I can see him soon, my Dear Lord. Touch our relationship, please unite us with your powerful hands, let us be together for the rest of our life . In the name of Jesus Christ .Amen
    (please agree with me in my prayer, may My Lord answer us , i feel so hopeless ،helpless , may with your prayers , i could pass this difficult time in my life .in Jesus name .)
    1. Praise 106.5 posted on 12/07/2016 11:57 AM
      @melissa Joining you in prayer Melissa! God is with you! Keep Him at the center!
  26. Linda posted 11 hours ago
    Can you pray that God heal me from MS and improve my physical strength every day?

    Also, I am praying for a part-time job and best suits my health situation and interest/skills level?
    1. Praise 106.5 posted 11 hours ago This comment was edited by a moderator at 03:55 PM on 12/09/2016
      @Linda God, I pray now for Linda. You are the master healer and you are her strength!!! Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. I pray too for a new part-time job that would be perfect for match her wheel house, provide for her financial needs, and work well with her health situation. You go before her. I lift Linda to you know. AMEN!
      Praise 106.5 Family
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