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  1. Mike and Tamara Nielsen posted on 12/29/2016 11:20 AM
    My husband and I got some bad news a couple weeks ago about our baby, I am 21 weeks pregnant. Just yesterday we found out they are pretty confident its a very large teratoma on the top half of her brain that is pushing the rest of her brain apart and to the side. It is keeping her brain from forming properly. It is not a cyst as they first thought, as it is not just fluid but matter in there as well and there appears to be blood pulsing through it. We are going for a MRI in a couple weeks but we have read that they really only do that to help with counseling the parents. When I said abortion is completely off the table he gave us two option. They can do surgery after she is born but no baby has survived the surgery for a teratoma of this magnitude. Or they can do comfort care. They said its completely up to us and we aren't ready to even think about either of those. Right now we are praying and believing in God to remove her teratoma and restore her brain. We know he is her only hope and we know he is bigger and greater than all this. We know he loves her and is with her and we know no matter the outcome he knows whats best for her. We just pray that he doesn't take her and he lets us raise her and see her grow up. We are believing that when we go for the MRI the tumor will be gone and everything will look perfect. Please help us pray for her. Her name is Emily Hope Nielsen.
  2. OlafD posted on 12/30/2016 07:40 AM
    Please pray for my grandson who is very sick with a immune type of sickness and is get transfusions for it pray that God will heal him. His name is Hayden
  3. Richmond, BC posted on 01/03/2017 10:19 PM
    Please pray for my friend Wendy (single mom- 2 kids girl and boy) She has fought Breast Cancer 4 times now (chemo/lost her hair) and yet is a fighter and never gives up. She has had most of her insides removed and now is scheduled for surgery on Thursday to place a rode in her leg from her hip down as her bones are fracturing. She is also in so much pain. Wendy asked the Lord into her heart last year, thankful. Please pray for Wendy and her family. The cancer continues to spread throughout her body but we are praying for a miracle and truly trusting Jesus with her life. God is so good and we give Him all the praise, honour and glory. Thank you for your prayers.
  4. timothy posted on 01/04/2017 10:24 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 12:06 PM on 01/06/2017
    hi my name is tim. I just got some bad news about my brother. Jeremy has cancer and it is really bad. They have to remove his leg and the doctors are not sure if that will stop it. God will heal him also from his addiction. God works wonders and does miracles. All the prayers i can get will help
  5. Patricia posted on 02/04/2017 10:16 AM
    Please pray for a 12 year old boy I will call Adam. His father's drug and alcohol abuse continued unchecked, the authorities know and do nothing. Please pray to keep Adam safe and untouched by his fathers criminal behaviour. Please pray to help Adams friends and teachers help him. Thank you.
  6. Linda posted on 02/05/2017 09:06 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 05:18 AM on 02/06/2017
    There was a water loss incident in our building. It was found to come from our shower spout and there was water damage in 2 units below us. Our adjuster sent his review that the incident was accidental water loss and we are not liable for the repair in the affected units. Please pray for peace and wisdom for me to communicate with the owners of the affected units. Pray that God show us a good solution for owners to get the repair done with minimal expense.

    I have periodic anxiety about this issue and at times am afraid of having to talk to one owner who thinks we should do the repair for her. I am concerned for our safety sometimes. Please pray for us.

  7. Annette posted on 02/08/2017 10:01 AM
    2 things, first my brother, who is turning 40 next week, is incarcerated. He was in a fight Monday, haven't heard from him yet, but his cellmate called to let me know about it. Please send a prayer that he is ok.

    2nd we have a nonprofit that is having a fundraiser and silent auction on March 25th. Please say a prayer that it will go well.
  8. Amber posted on 02/08/2017 11:51 AM
    Things r not going well right now. Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. My ex boyfriend attacked me and abused me emotionally and physically for 2 years. I left him. Now money is really tight even with tithing. And I need god more now then ever. I need to feel his love and need his help to make it through this time. I feel alone going through this. And need all the prayers I can get.
    1. Asha posted on 02/09/2017 12:26 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:30 AM on 02/10/2017
      @Amber Never think you are alone, GOD is with you in your helpless situations.His grace is enough, He is around you. He loves you. God says don't lose your confidence. Faith shall be rewarded. He is the eternal One. He was there when you took your first breath and he listened to every sigh. Keep your confidence in God. He has written you in the palm of His hands and He alone Loves you. He is around you and in you. He never leaves His children.
  9. Becky posted on 02/09/2017 09:56 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:25 AM on 02/10/2017
    I would like to request prayers for my Mom. She has suddenly gone from a vibrant 84 year old woman to a woman who is in constant pain due to a back issue. More seems to be going on than that though, and she also fell on Sunday. My sister who lives with her said that Mom is having tremors and her left leg is numb. She fears that Mom is not going to get through this. Please pray that she will be healed, and soon be back to herself. I am not ready for my Mom to leave this world. Thanks!
  10. Lori posted on 02/09/2017 10:02 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:33 AM on 02/20/2017
    I'm struggling with my career and desperately need a change. For the last couple of years I've made the incorrect decisions and feel lost and unhappy. I pray and I know God hears me and I trust him and his plan with all of my heart but I still feel lost with my job and at times with myself and now feel selfish for asking for your prayers when so many others have more distressing issues then mine.

    God bless you all.
  11. Lori posted on 02/09/2017 10:04 AM
    I'm struggling with my career and desperately need a change. For the last couple of years I've made the incorrect decisions and feel lost and unhappy. I pray and I know God hears me and I trust him and his plan with all of my heart but I still feel lost with my job and at times with myself and now feel selfish for asking for your prayers when so many others have more distressing issues then mine.

    God bless you all.

    1. Carol posted on 02/19/2017 10:15 AM
      @Lori ...Dear sweet Lori, you are so loved and we are all only human. I have felt so lost and unhappy, overwhelmed and not knowing which way to turn and yesterday was a very bad day UNTIL suddenly last night I was filled with an overwhelming strength and peace. Joy just flooded me! I had been praying for a few days that I really needed a hug from God and reciting the scripture "our Father will never leave us or forsake us."And thanking Him for it. God Bless you with an amazing miracle tailor made just for you and may God fill you with unending joy. I just love you Lori. Amen for all your miracles. God Bless you!
  12. Patricia posted on 02/09/2017 10:20 AM
    We need your prayers for a 12 year old boy I will call Adam. The authorities have finally acknowledged he is in danger from his fathers lifestyle and intervened. We need prayers to keep him safe and have him reunited with the rest of his family, The rest of his family have asked for prayers for Adam to keep him safe and have him reunited with the rest of his family to have a good, healthy life. Thank you.
  13. Katie posted on 02/10/2017 02:22 PM
    I am losing my job. I will need a new job that motivates me and continuous income. Please pray that God will provide help and get me out of anxious situation. Thank you for your prayer.
  14. Joel posted on 02/10/2017 08:09 PM
    Lord, please help me. I'm stressed again because I feel my past is haunting me. I've changed Lord, I'm a good person. I'm listening. The anxiety is too much for me to handle. Please Lord. I pray that everything will be ok.
  15. Beata posted on 02/11/2017 07:18 AM
    I'm asking everyone to pray for my son, who recently has been diagnosed with Gilbert syndrome, his mental health is going down and it seems like he is disconnected from all aroung him. He had to go to ER, run away and had to stay at the hospital mental unit for a week. He always looks away and doesn't want to talk a lot, I'm afraid his mental health is getting worse and don't know what to do. Dr. said this is becasue his bilirubin goes very high and that's why he acts like this. But I'm afraid we are losing him.
    Can you, please pray for my son's recovery? Thank you so much
  16. Carol posted on 02/19/2017 10:02 AM
    ...Please pray for Matthew. He is young man who for his short years has served in the U.S. military and then as a police officer in Canada. He lost his mother in a car accident about a year ago. Then he got cancer which as far as we know was successfully treated. His father has just died this past month and now he has no family support. AND NOW He has had a complete mental breakdown and is in the hospital in California. He has professed to be a Born Again Christian and needs a miracle of God's healing, an infilling and complete renewing of his mind, heart and soul. And please add an amazing group of mighty Holy Spirit empowered friends for him to encourage and love on him. As Moses prayed for the forgiveness of God's people sins let us pray that whatever sins he has are removed from him as "far as the east is from the west" and all tormented thoughts leave him and can't return in JESUS'S MIGHTY NAME! Thank you so much. God Bless you
  17. Ruth posted on 02/20/2017 12:13 PM
    Please pray that my Anxiety and panic attacks will reduce (or stop). My coping "tools"don't seem to be helping and I'm having panic attacks while working.
  18. Michele posted on 02/20/2017 01:38 PM
    A year ago jan i lost my husband of 20 years and this week i lost my dad. Im riddled with grief and feeling quite lost. I am a christian , 30 years now and these 2 losses have rocked my core and brought me to my knees. Jer 29:11, matt 5:4 and psalm 127 im reading and leaning on to get me thru, but the loneliness is overwhelming. Im in a new job, new place and few friends. Found a new church home, but no one knows me yet. Please pray for me. Peace, calmness, and feeling like i belong is really, really needed right now. Ty
    1. susan aspinall posted on 02/20/2017 07:17 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:23 AM on 02/21/2017
      @Michele Hi Michele, I am so sorry for your grief and understand how you feel. All I can say is at some stage you will start to feel lighter and hope is always there for you.
  19. DavidC_8232 posted on 02/20/2017 08:12 PM
    Hi Michelle, I hear your pain. I am also sorry for the loss of your Dad now & your husband before. Losing our loved ones ....hurts! I volunteer with Hospice in White Rock BC. They have some wonderful counselling, walking groups, relaxation sesssions available to help people when they are grieving. Check out in your area for Hospice & I hope you will find some peace & sense of belonging with others. Christian Toastmasters is another great group to encourage & walk along beside you. God Bless You & Sustain you in this time of sorrow.
  20. Skana posted on 02/21/2017 07:09 PM
    Prayers for a friends family and issues involving a will and family relationships. Thank you !
    1. LucindaT posted on 02/22/2017 11:02 PM
      @Skana I know what they are going through. As my husband and the rest of his family are waiting for the paper work so they can execute the provisions of there fathers will. It has been a year and a half . There has been fighting and accusations . I do not think my father in law would of like all the delay and bi curing. It has been hard on the whole family. Our prayers are with them.
  21. LucindaT posted on 02/22/2017 12:47 AM
    We received a eviction notice today. Please pray we can work this out and be able to stay here. We don't have the money to get another place or move. please pray God shines a light down on us and helps us find away to stay right where we are.
    1. Anonymous posted on 02/23/2017 09:47 AM
      @LucindaT Lucinda I am praying in JESUS NAME that you have a sudden positive influx in your money situation and a mediator to intercede with your landlord. This happened to me and a friend called the Native friendship Society who interceded with our landlord. We are not native but they help everyone. Also N.O.W. Canada helps people with finances for rent and/or power bills. God Bless you abundantly more than you can even think to ask for in Jesus Name.
  22. Carly posted on 02/23/2017 12:36 PM
    My husband and I were just told that our last ultrasound done last week showed an abnormality in the fetal heart. Our baby (I'm 29weeks pregnant) has an accumulation of fluid around his heart making it harder to beat. We need to have an urgent ultrasound tomorrow and drive 4.5hrs to Vancouver BC on March 7 for further testing and possibly intervention. Sooner if the ultrasound tomorrow shows any changes. Our Midwife and the specialists at BC Womans Hospital have been very vague as to what may happen, all we have been told is that they will "have a team ready and a pediatric cardiologist will be pretest in the appointment room". We are also waiting to hear from a local OB/GYN to meet with her but this can take several months. I also have been told I have placenta previa (placenta is resting on the opening to the cervix) making it impossible to give birth naturally and will require a cesarean plus our baby is breach as well. I have been on bed rest due to 2 other complications and have had a very hard pregnancy. Please pray for strength, peace and clarity for the coming weeks and months. We are very scared and worried but trust in Jesus. Please pray for healing and for the specialists to know what to do.
    1. Ashley posted on 02/24/2017 08:56 AM
      @Carly Carly,
      I am so sorry that you and your husband are going through this. It is scary enough having to deal with personal health concerns but even more scary when it involves your child. I am praying for peace and strength over your family in this very difficult time. I hope that you are overwhelmed with the peace and assurance of Jesus Christ. Rest in the fact that God has a plan not only for you but for this precious baby too. I hope that one day you are able to look back at this and tell this story as a testament to God's faithfulness in your life and use this experience to encourage others.
  23. Trisha posted on 02/23/2017 01:44 PM
    Please pray for my husband who after having the flu was put into the hospital with atrial fibrillation and diabetes. We're doing tons of tests and trying to figure out what's wrong. It's a very scary time.
  24. Linda posted on 02/26/2017 10:00 PM
    There was a water leak from our shower spout causing damage in the units below us. Our insurance policy determines that the leak was accidental and we are not responsible for the repair in the units below us. Strata don't want to do the repair and told us and the affected unit owner to work out the solution between us. Our neighbour was reluctant to use her own insurance to pay for the repair. She is angry because she can't get either the strata or us to do the repair for her. Please pray for our relationship with our neighbors.
  25. tl posted on 03/02/2017 12:12 PM
    The devil is a liar! Praying for emotional healing for Leland . I pray that the anointing that destroys every yoke of bondage and that sets every captive free will manifest in my son Leland's life.Let NO weapons formed against him prosper! I pray that the blood of Jesus, Gods protection and the Holy Spirit be upon Leland' and God will move in a mighty way on Lelands behalf and grant Favor to clear him and help him rebound and rebuild his young adult life after his "misstep" with alternative rehabilitative resources and mentors to help him get back on track in a positive way. Praying that Leland can remain of strong mind of Christ, and be mentally, physical, spiritually and emotionally strong during this difficult time and for Gods forgiveness, grace and mercy to be upon Leland. Claiming Victory in Jesus today, Amen! Thank you ALL for keeping Leland uplifted and encouraged in prayer. God Bless You All. "God is Able"
  26. Katie posted on 03/04/2017 01:12 AM
    I am laid off and my boss is being dishonest. I am depressed, lost motivation, so I need to find a new a job asap. Please pray for miracle. Thank you!
    1. Ray posted on 03/20/2017 09:23 PM
      @Katie I have included you in my prayer. While not working and waiting for something to turn up to meet your needs, some virtues should be learned/improved on. These include faith, patience (1 TIMOTHY 6:11), humility, be a wise steward of money (1 JOHN 2:15), etc.

      Feeling anxieties? (MATTHEW 6:25-34).
  27. Tim posted on 03/06/2017 02:50 PM
    I have severe depression, no job, running out of money, no future. I feel very suicidal now. Could you please say a prayer for me.
    Thank you
    1. JulieB_0692 posted on 03/07/2017 11:00 AM
      @Tim Tim - We are praying for you. God has a plan for your life. Even in the darkest times, He is with you. Many people have felt like you do now, and you are not alone. Cry out to God and He will rescue you. You are loved, you are valued, you are important!

      Please call a suicide helpline and talk to someone - here are some numbers to call:
      In BC - call 1-800-784-2433,
      In US - call 1-800-273-8255,
    2. Therese posted on 03/10/2017 09:13 AM
      @Tim Tim,
      The fact you are reaching out for prayer tells me you are a believer, and I want to remind you about how much God loves you and that He has not forsaken you.
      Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I Have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
      Sometimes we walk through dark valleys to learn an amazing life lesson or to grow in our faith and draw closer to the Lord, but trust that He is right there with you. Surrender yourself to Him and allow Him to build you back up.
      Please reach out to others for support and any help you may need while you navigate the valley.... I'm sure there are people who love you and will be there for you, but you will have my prayer support.
      Please let us know how you are doing in the weeks and months to follow.
  28. ch posted on 03/07/2017 06:33 AM
    lord please end this conflict situation. Lord please rescue me and let me suffer no more. Please end the situation now.
  29. Lee posted on 03/14/2017 10:27 AM
    I need reconciliation with a loved one. For the past 6 years God has affirmed to me that He would restore our relationship. My prayer is that He delay no longer. That He would transform hearts and cause His promises to ring true. That He would do what He has said He would do in this situation.
  30. Sheryl posted on 03/14/2017 04:05 PM
    My coworker and friend Yvonne is in and induced coma with infection ravaging her body and double pneumonia. She desperately needs our prayers! Doctors don't know if she's going to make it.
  31. J posted on 03/16/2017 12:20 AM
    I don't know who I am...My anxiety about life cripples me every day... The combination of my sleep disorder and anxiety makes me feel unable to do things and scared.
    God is my refuge I know.
    I feel that I am a messed up person who is incapable of having relationships...that I lack social and organizational skills...That I really can't cope with life.

    Asking for prayer even feels selfish... I want to ask for prayer for others rather than just feels wrong to ask for things for myself.
    1. JUDY posted on 03/22/2017 12:03 PM
      @J Dear J, Please take care of yourself and know you can get through these difficult times. You are worthy. You can find guidance in God. J possibly it may help you if you could go to your Dr and ask for some medication to help with your depression anxiety and sleep disorder. There are many good medications that help with these. Also he may be able to offer some good counselling resources. This is not something to be ashamed about. These symptoms can feel overwhelming and crippling, but they are treatable. this and your Faith in God may help get you feeling well again. Pray and ask for guidance and give yourself a chance ( although I understand it may seem so difficult, at this time, but take a good deep breath and attempt to move forward , just one step at a time...I believe in you as does God, and find the light. God Bless, you are loved.
    2. Denise Perigo posted on 03/22/2017 04:01 PM
      @J God sees your struggle, loves you and cares for you. Please remember this. You are His child. Please Jesus give J peace of heart and mind and guide J to resources that will be of comfort. Pleas ease the shame. J is not a mistake, but was made in Your image. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen
  32. Tim posted on 03/18/2017 11:40 AM
    I have severe depression, no job, running out of money, no future. I feel very suicidal now. I'm at the end of my rope. Could you please say a prayer for me.
    Thank you
    1. PRAISE 106.5 posted on 03/23/2017 03:35 PM
      @Tim You're not alone, Tim. You have a Heavenly Father who loves you very much! We are praying for you!

      Please please call a suicide helpline and chat with someone about how you've been feeling:
      In BC - call 1-800-784-2433,
      In US - call 1-800-273-8255,

      You are beloved!
  33. Anonymous posted on 03/20/2017 08:28 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:21 AM on 03/21/2017
    Please pray for my sister and her son Stanley relationship restored. Please pray Stanley's school grades will improve. God will draw them closer to Him
  34. Anonymous posted on 03/20/2017 08:31 PM
    Please pray for my daughter Rachel. If it is in God's will for her to go to program at Stanford. He will open door! Thank you for your prayers.
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
  35. anonymous posted on 03/21/2017 05:34 PM
    please pray for my son Eric and my family. Please pray for healing of Jesus and friends for my son Eric. Also for the right Doctors or help for my son to see. Thank you. God bless you and Keep you
  36. Sandi posted on 03/22/2017 10:54 AM
    Asking for Prayer for my Son Kyle. Like many others he is lost in the darkness of drug use and alcohol. He has a beautiful little girl to live for and do his best for. Asking for Gods prayer and grace to rid him of these chains.
    1. Denise Perigo posted on 03/22/2017 03:58 PM
      @Sandi Dear Jesus please touch Kyle's life and heart and break the chains of addiction. We know Jesus that You can and do heal everything. Please heal Him. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen. And please give Sandi peace as she waits for the healing of her son. You know her heart and the pain she is experiencing and will give her comfort. Thank you Jesus for this and all you do for us. Amen
  37. Denise L. Perigo posted on 03/22/2017 03:54 PM
    My daughter, Aimee' Yu needs prayer desperately. She became involved with a criminal and has not left him. He has also abused her emotionally and mentally and she had a terrible miscarriage in November. He is in jail. She once gave her life to Christ. Please pray for her to turn back to Jesus. I also pray that she is reunited with her husband, David. They are separated and are still friends. Please pray for her for an extended amount of time. I know God hears our prayers and knows what tomorrow will bring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. She has never before been in any trouble. She has also lost her job. She will be 36 in July. God bless you.
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