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We've created an easy way for you to share prayer requests and pray for others. Take a moment to browse through the requests below and pray for individual requests. Prayer is powerful! James 5:16


We at PRAISE 106.5 consider it a privilege and honor to pray for and with our listeners.  Please note that prayer requests do not get posted immediately. All prayer requests are subject to review. We prayerfully reserve the right to edit or remove requests due to excessive length or inappropriate content.

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  1. Anonymous posted on 08/17/2016 11:19 AM
    Please pray for my friend Jennifer. She is pregnant. She has had several miscarriages in the past and has no hope for this pregnancy to progress past a few weeks. Please pray that God would fulfill her dream of a pregnancy that results in a healthy, beautiful baby.
    1. ThereseD posted on 09/13/2016 09:27 AM
      @Anonymous I'm sure she has seen doctors about her miscarriages, but sometimes they take the stance of, "it just wasn't meant to be...."
      I heard those heartbreaking words each time I lost my three babies at 8 weeks until I found a doctor who took a wild "guess" that perhaps my body was not making a crucial hormone needed at this stage of my pregnancy. Once again I was beginning to bleed and was about to lose another precious baby, but he prescribed me Progesterone suppositories and ordered me off my feet for several weeks. Miraculously my bleeding stopped, and I now have a beautiful 23 year old daughter.
      I am not saying this is exactly what may be happening to your friend, but I found too many doctors back then who just didn't take the time to see "why" and just assumed it was "meant to be."
      I will pray for your friend, for wise doctors, for answers, and for her to be blessed with a healthy baby.
  2. Sarah posted on 08/17/2016 11:12 PM
    Hi! I'm not sure how to do this; I've had a UTI for over 2.5 months I've been on 4 antibiotics now the hospital added Tylenol 3s due to severe pain and another med for relieve but still not responding and its progressing; I just want to feel good again. ❤
  3. Anoynymous posted on 08/18/2016 05:36 AM
    Please pray for my mom.
    My mom has been feeling a lump on her neck lately.
    She went to see her doctor and was referred for ultrasound two days ago.
    I am very worried that it might be something bad.
    Could you please pray that she will be okay?
    The results will come up in about a week.
    Please also pray for my family as they are not believers. Please pray that God will touch their hearts and save them.
    I will be out of country for 3 weeks which worries me as I cannot take care of them. Please pray that everything will be alright and that God is in control.

    Thank you,
  4. anonymous posted on 08/19/2016 08:28 AM
    Please pray for me. I am grieving the loss of a relationship. Even though the relationship was abusive, it still hurts. Please pray that I draw near Tony Heavenly Father and rest in his arms.
  5. Denise Perigo posted on 08/22/2016 10:56 AM
    Please pray for Parker Weber...She is a little girl who was attacked by a Great Dane and had 3 1/2 hour surgery yesterday. Please pray for her healing both physically and emotionally, as well as her family. Thank you...In Jesus name. Amen
  6. Abid Masih posted on 08/27/2016 10:18 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 02:21 PM on 08/29/2016
    Dear Prayer Worriers,

    This is Abid from Pakistan, I would like to request you to put me and my Prayer in your daily prayers, we have 2 daughters, My wife pregnant from last 8 months, doctor checked and said another daughter, but we need baby boy, I believe that Jesus can do everything and we pray for the same reason personally as well but I believe it can be more powerful if God’s strong prayer worries will put hands and voices together for the same reason of mine.

    Thank you,
    God bless you all.
  7. julie posted on 08/31/2016 08:58 PM
    please pray for my marriage. Also for my son and husbands relationship for healing. Please also pray for my son Eric for emotional healing and for friends. Thank you and God bless
  8. Jenny posted on 09/01/2016 10:40 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:42 AM on 09/06/2016
    Please pray for my radiant 31 year old sister in law Tiffany who is a beautiful mother of three young children and has been diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. She leaves next Wednesday for Alternative Cancery Therapy in Mexico. Please pray for her healing and strength as her treatment is 28 days long. She has been down a hard path but the Lord is faithful! We value your prayers and support!
  9. Tony posted on 09/03/2016 02:29 PM
    Please pray for my business, it is not doing well, I have poured so much into it and I feel so broken. I really need clients and customers and the door seems shut.
    My faith is so low, please pray for God to bless the work of my hands
  10. CateG posted on 09/05/2016 07:35 PM
    Please pray for peace in my heart; I believe I have found the home God has for me, even though it wasn't the location I was hoping for, but His ways are better and His plans are better than ours - that I am certain of. Pray that any human obstacles are taken out of the equation or any tactic of the enemy. Pray for my 20 year old son to have a different outlook on it, too; he is not walking with the Lord & doesn't understand that this place is a good home to be in - that his heart would be softened and that he would soon see that God is ordaining our lives...
  11. Linda posted on 09/06/2016 09:48 PM
    Can you pray that I have an opportunity to take singing and acting lessons through a non-profit organization where I don't need to pay? I rarely work these days as I am living with MS. I have to rely on God moment to moment for strength and fight hard to hold on to hope.
  12. Nitin posted on 09/07/2016 12:56 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 02:24 PM on 09/08/2016
    My father is 70 years old and he recently had open heart surgery.His condition is still very critical.Please pray for his speedy recovery. He is little bit mentally unstable also. Me and my wife have done nursing and we both are looking for a job to financially support our family.Please pray for our family that all our problems are gone in Jesus name.Please bless our family.
  13. giselle posted on 09/08/2016 01:46 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 02:25 PM on 09/08/2016
    I need prayer against unforgiveness, the whole church want me to leave. please help. and also prayer to jesus restore my relationship with my sister, asking for her forgiveness and break her silence towards me amen.I think shes reported me to the police. And will take it further than that. Please pray for her to change her min, I have no family only her. I cant be in prison.I have nothing.I didnt do anything to deserve it. Shes angry cause the pastors wont allowe her talking to me cause we both commited a sin together. They made up her mind. Help me break it please She just wont talk to me. Please let the Lord open up her lips and talk to me so i can have peace. I just cant sleep have no peace in reason of her silence. i dont understand. Lets pray so she can solve our problems together only me and her with no one involved and no law involed amen. thank u all.bless u all.
  14. Roza posted on 09/08/2016 02:04 PM
    Please pray for my friend Susan. She is a young mother of 2 and is going through a very difficult time in her marriage and battling addiction. She needs the Lord’s intervention and loving embrace. Thank you!
  15. Kate posted on 09/11/2016 01:18 PM
    Lately I've been feeling really overwhelmed and anxious about life. I have two young kids who are constantly keeping me busy. Many times I just feel overwhelmed with everything being thrown at me. Please pray for a deep peace, joy and contentment, regardless of my circumstances. Thank you.
  16. Jean posted on 09/12/2016 10:32 AM
    yes please pray for my family andi am dealing with depression
  17. ThereseD posted on 09/13/2016 09:16 AM
    Really in need of a peace that surpasses all understanding... things just keep getting harder to deal with, and I am losing my ability to be content in all things.
    I really do have so much to be grateful for, but there is a deep hole in my life.... I can't seem to really connect with God anymore; and I know that is me, not Him. I need to break down the barriers keeping me in this place; I need to be set free. What does that look like?
  18. Maria posted on 09/13/2016 10:56 PM
    I have been an awful person. I have been cruel and mean to the people I loved, pushed them away and spewed venom with my words. I was trying to get off my anti depressants but didn't do it the right way and I hurt a lot of people while I was doing it. I quit them cold turkey and I pushed away the man I loved. I am back on the anti depressants and have seen the way I have treated people but I still haven't spoken to him for a week. I am just praying God will move through his heart and help him see how much he is loved and how sorry I am for the things I have done to hurt him. I never meant to hurt anyone and I want to do this again, the right way, with Gods help. Thank you for everyone who prays and God bless you all.
  19. Patricia posted on 09/14/2016 02:59 PM
    I have a prayer request. There is a 12 year old boy (I will call him Adam, for the first man) who is trying to make his way in the world while his father is a drug addict and alcoholic. The social workers do nothing although they know all about his addictions.
    Please pray for this boy, that he will be strong and his friends and neighbours will help him as the other adults in his life have let him down time and again. Please ask God to watch other him and that he come to no harm because of his fathers criminal behaviour. Thank you.
  20. anonymous posted on 09/15/2016 09:07 AM
    I am a diabetic and my sugar readings are in double digit range like 14 and above. Over the years, I have made changes to my eating habits and trying to increase my physical activities but I am so tired all the time. I am also suffering from depression. The medications don't help. If the my situation doesn't change it may lead to kidney failure and other complications. I never did drugs, alcohol or hurt anyone.

    I have worked part time jobs since my children were young. Now they are teenagers and manage to take care of themselves while I am at work

    I am sick and tired of living broke and never having enough money. Please pray that I get a decent full time job soon. I want to take care of myself so I can take care of my children.

    Please Please Please Please pray for me that I get a new full time job.

    thank you

    God bless you all !!
    1. MEENA posted on 09/19/2016 10:55 PM
      @anonymous Hi Everyone !

      I thank you for praying for me. I just got a full time office job. I was hired right after the interview. They wanted me to start right away !!!! Unbelievable. Tithing and prayers do work !!!

      You can not believe how grateful I am .
      Once again, thank you thank you so much for praying for me.

      God bless you all and everyone!!

      Thanks !
  21. JulieK_5506 posted on 09/15/2016 11:16 AM
    Our God Jehovah IS a God of hope. I need hope for my marriage.
    A healing and restoration of trust and love. Thank you for your prayers.
  22. MinervaG posted on 09/15/2016 03:52 PM
    Extra prayers for inner strength while I am struggling with my marriage. I am praying God speaks to my husband's heart and get through to him. I believe in the power of praying so I am praying for a change, miracle, or just a breakthrough. In Jesus name , amen.
    1. JulieK_5506 posted on 09/16/2016 05:20 PM
      @MinervaG I'm praying for you and soooo many other broken marriages that were brought forth in Jesus' name! Including mine.
  23. DAN posted on 09/16/2016 08:43 AM
  24. Anonymous posted on 09/16/2016 06:37 PM
    I have suffered with Acne since I was 14 years old, I am almost 28 years old now. I have prayed and prayed, I don't know where I go wrong because it's still there. I'm always hiding behind make up and it feel like a prison. All I want is a normal and clear skin. Please brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray with me, I will be praying with you and for you as well.

    God Bless
  25. Abid Masih posted on 09/17/2016 10:32 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 10:18 AM on 09/19/2016
    Dear Prayer Worriers,

    I would like to request you to put me and my Prayer in your daily prayers, we have 2 daughters, My wife is pregnant delivery will be in 10 October 2016, we need baby boy, I believe that Jesus can do everything and we pray for the same reason personally as well but I believe it can be more powerful if God’s strong prayer worries will put hands and voices together for the same reason of mine.

    Thank you,
    God bless you all.
  26. Jen posted on 09/21/2016 02:52 PM
    URGENT! Relatives have abused their power of attorney and have transferred our properties and are planning to empty the deceased's bank account, and are getting ready to flee the country. They have lived a life of crime. Please pray God will put obstacles in their way to prevent them from doing this. May God reverse their deeds and give the income of the wicked to the righteous.

    Thank you and God bless you!
  27. Linda posted on 09/21/2016 09:02 PM
    I was sad and scared this evening as I fell down on the sidewalk. My leg strength is deteriorating as I have MS. I feel like I need a wheelchair now. My fear is to fall in the middle of the street and cars don't see me and keep driving. I was praying last night that God give me a new body as I don't want to live in this one. It's hard for me at this time when I rarely have people who would talk to me longer than 15 minutes. I was very sad a few months ago as I began to accept that I have lost my good friends who stopped calling me for almost a year.

    Can you pray that God brings good friends into my life to support me during this time?
  28. Anonymous posted on 09/22/2016 11:01 PM
    Can you please pray that my husband and I will be able to conceive? We have been trying for 2 and a 1/2 years now, I have been trusting in the Lord to fulfill His promises to us but lately it feels like He has been silent and I can't even begin to tell you how heart breaking it has been on us both, your prayers would be greatly appreciated, thank you and God bless!!!
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