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We've created an easy way for you to share prayer requests and pray for others. Take a moment to browse through the requests below and pray for individual requests. Prayer is powerful! James 5:16


We at PRAISE 106.5 consider it a privilege and honor to pray for and with our listeners.  Please note that prayer requests do not get posted immediately. All prayer requests are subject to review. We prayerfully reserve the right to edit or remove requests due to excessive length or inappropriate content.

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  1. Anonymous posted on 05/03/2016 11:46 AM
    Pray for me as I learned yesterday that I am expecting twins but they appear conjoined at this time, I know God will provide. I would love prayers that these babies.
    1. PatsyH posted on 05/04/2016 05:49 AM
      @Anonymous I will pray for you. God looks at all our situations sweetie. With God all things are possible!!! He healed me of lung cancer!!!!
  2. Anonymous posted on 05/04/2016 08:45 AM
    Please pray for the safety on the job of my husband Kevin and his colleagues. The management at his organization promoted unqualified workers. There have been three near fatal injuries so far on the job due to these mistakes.
    I am afraid to see him go to work in the morning, and I join other Christian families from his work in requesting your prayers to keep him and his friends safe. I also pray that the unsafe environment will be corrected by those who learn of it.
    I have never asked for a prayer request on PRAISE before, thank you for thinking of our family....
  3. Anonymous posted on 05/04/2016 09:09 AM
    I am trying so hard to find joy in my job and be thankful for how blessed I am to have such a good paying job, but I work in a company that is very "dark" and in need of much prayer. It is a daily struggle to get up and get to work each day, and I am really wanting to work on ME and my attitude towards my place of employment.
    I believe I am here, because God has placed me here, and until He says move I will remain... I just need some encouragement to hang in there and try to find some joy where I am planted!!
  4. JIM HILLMAN posted on 05/04/2016 11:35 AM
    I am a member of the praise family, and I would like prayer to be said for me because 8 months ago my Wife passed away, and I have been struggling with trying to take up where she left off, she evidently knew she was going home way before she did, but she never let on to me and so now I am having a problem coping with her loss, I am a Cancer surviver of over 5 years now and there are things I cannot due to keep our home up, I cannot lift much, or go on the roof, things like that. Lately aI have been depressed a lot and I take medications for that but I just can't come to grips wit her passing and I am a listener and listen to the station every time I go out in the car, and it helps and I try to listen to the promptings and that helps a lot as well, but I just need a little extra help and prayer is what I need to help. Thank you for being there for everyone in need, it DOES make a difference in peoples lives, bless you all for the job you do for us the listeners it truly helps pull though, thanks again.u
    1. PatsyH posted on 05/09/2016 06:23 AM
      @JIM HILLMAN Just keep praying Jim!! Don't lose faith. I am a lung cancer survivor of 4 years now! He blesses me everyday and I know he hears all. He will place someone or something in your life to help you!! I have two very good friends that help me all the time.
    2. kathyV_8434 posted on 05/18/2016 09:24 PM
      @JIM HILLMAN Jim, losing someone close is difficult at best. Trusting Jesus for every breath, thot, unction, takes determination. You can do that! keep your focus on Him, His desires for your life, His help, that can come. Reach out to your church for help, there has to be someone who can help you. Don't give up, press into the Lord. I believe this for Jim, Lord, I thank You for Your purposes, in Jesus Name, amen.
  5. CarolineF posted on 05/09/2016 02:59 PM
    Oh Jim...losing someone you love is so difficult. Know this that God is with you and loves you so very much. I pray that your heart would be filled with Gods healing and that the area that fells empty would be filled with His love. Just look up to your Father and know He is there with His arms around you!!
  6. grace posted on 05/09/2016 09:41 PM
    Please Pray for a Merciful Solution for a serious matter. That all involved will be led by Christ to do his will. May DY come to the Table of Mercy. Families are hurting.
    1. kathyV_8434 posted on 05/18/2016 09:09 PM
      @grace Yes Father we thank You & trust You for Your solutions in Graces life, according to Your will in Jesus Name! amen
  7. Kris posted on 05/11/2016 07:39 PM
    Pray for God's intervention in my life to save me. Pray that I receive merciful grace and understanding and that the relationships I've ruined would be restored bringing God's glory to completion in my life. Pray I meet friends of God into my life to encourage&support me through an extremely difficult time.
    1. kathyV_8434 posted on 05/18/2016 09:07 PM
      @Kris Kris, trust the Holy Spirit to do His job & thank God for it all. Praise is the way to victory!
  8. Anonymous posted on 05/11/2016 09:23 PM
    Please pray for me in finding full-time work soon. My working contract will be due in 7 weeks and I'm still yet to find full-time work. I believe in God's grace although it does feel discouraging at times.
  9. Anonymous posted on 05/13/2016 10:47 AM
    I would like to ask for prayer for my son...he is a non believer who is currently in a common law relationship and needs to get out of. Please pray alongside me for this!
  10. Anonymous posted on 05/18/2016 09:45 AM
    I ask for prayer as I am dealing with a lot of stress due to moving, my marriage & finances.
  11. Gwen posted on 05/18/2016 06:54 PM
    Please pray for my husband John that a kidney donor will come forward and that all our needs will be met. I am claiming this in the name of Jesus.
  12. Anonymous posted on 05/18/2016 10:00 PM
    Lord I pray for the forgiveness, grace and mercy for Pastor Regz and JTLG Staff. I pray that You will protect our Credibility Online and In real time and that the Enemy will not use any form of Media to destroy us especially pastor Regz. No Derogatory or accusations or slander will be placed against Pastor Regz and JTLG STAFF, no lawsuits and other means of attacks will be made against PTr. Regz and JTLG Staff. Lord I pray for your favor that the Armor of God and the Blood of Jesus Will cover Ptr. Regz and JTLG staff, Let the plans of the Accusers be hindered. Please place Pastor Regz and JTLG staff under the covering of the Blood of Jesus. Save our Church and Pastor Regz and JTLG Staff against these attacks In Jesus Name. For Your Name Sake Help Us Lord
  13. Ann posted on 05/19/2016 11:20 PM
    Please pray for me to move forward in my life in the area of employment and for God to get me to a place where I can be at peace and be doing things that are pleasing to Him and to bring glory to His name. I am praying for all the others on these posts too. God Bless!!!
  14. kath posted on 05/23/2016 06:46 AM
    Please pray that i will receive feedback this week regarding my recently done job interview with A. Holt,and please pray that i will be hired W.F.

    In Jesus name. Amen.
  15. L. posted on 05/23/2016 09:24 PM
    1. I am praying for recovery from MS. It's an incurable disease but since it's said that I need to pray incessantly, I keep at it despite medical evidence. Can you help me pray for healing in my body and peace & faith at heart?

    2. Pray for a few more friends who I can share my pain on a regular basis. It takes a listening ear from an attentive heart and mind to journey with someone in suffering.

    3. Pray also for some paid work during the week.
  16. CateG posted on 05/26/2016 07:51 PM
    Please pray as I am awaiting a resolution to a matter; that it would be done tomorrow as promised by the other party. God knows the details; pray for victory over it, as once it's done, then other things can move forward. I may be forced to move twice if this doesn't work out and I have to be out of my house by mid-June.
    1. PatsyH posted on 06/01/2016 05:46 AM
      @CateG I hope you got your answer!
  17. annonymous posted on 05/28/2016 11:29 PM
    Hey if anyone wants to pray protection from Satan for me that be great. Thanks.
  18. Maria posted on 05/29/2016 10:40 AM
    As people, we always need extra prayer. First off I thank God for EVERYTHING. I am thankful for the simple everday things like clothes and food, but most of all for God's never ending fountain of love, his mercy. God is Almighty! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever and I will forever be thankful for that.
    I have a dream is to see my family who I have never seen before, in Russia. They are unable to come to America due to documents and all. But we are privileged enough to live here and have the opportunities we have. One day I literally woke up and said to myself, "This is it, I'm going to Russia. And no one will stop me. I will do whatever it takes." The only problem, however, is the money. I know My God is invincible, and he can do ANYTHING. The price for one person is roughly $2,000.
  19. daniel posted on 05/29/2016 01:20 PM
    could use a free place to live
  20. annonymous posted on 05/29/2016 03:57 PM
    my dad, mom and neighbours are being noisy. my dad especially. could you pray that they would be nice to me and be quiet? thanks
  21. Ruth posted on 05/31/2016 07:27 AM
    My Sister and Family had a house fire on Thursday and they have no place to live. They are currently in a Hotel and are desperate for a place to live. (They live in Abbotsford, BC). Please pray that they find something soon that is pet friendly, and please pray that they have some peace.
  22. Joanne posted on 06/06/2016 06:38 AM
    Please pray for our son Austin who struggles with deep depression and anxiety and it is affecting his life and he is far from God. Thank you.
  23. FrancescaP posted on 06/08/2016 09:03 PM
    Hi, my little sister Bianca needs prayer. She's 10 almost 11 and just had surgery today. She was sick since Monday with flu symptoms so my mom thought nothing of it. But she only got worse, and this afternoon at about 1:30 she passed out in the hallway trying to get to the bathroom. My mom pulled her into the bathroom and tried to get my sis back to conciseness, my sis also puked and started bleeding huge clots of blood from her rectum. I called 911 and they came taking her to our local hospital, she was then taken by helicopter to Victoria General Hospital where she had surgery three hours ago. aparently she has a genetic defect that forms a type of zit in the intestine and when it explodes it can cause bleeding. That is what happened to my little sis. The surgens also removed her appendix to prevent further complications. My parents visited her about half and hour ago and my brother and I will visit her tomorrow. please pray for a safe recovery, and no further complications of any kind while she is healing. Thank you.
  24. Lisa Lynn posted on 06/09/2016 07:36 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 10:13 AM on 06/09/2016
    I need ALL the Prayer Warriors I can have!
    I have severe PTSD from a horrid event in the past.... And with that, one of the major things is, is that I get horrific night mares! It's hard enough for me to try and get to sleep, especially at night! So, I tend to be more of a night owl than ever... And split my sleep between early morning and then later in the afternoon... It's soooo bad right now, that I'm afraid to fall asleep because I know I'll most likely have not just a night mare, but also because I wake myself up kicking, screaming, throwing punches, jumping out of bed, etc., etc.. It has overcome my life and daily/nightly activities! So much so that it's really hard to plan anything!
    PLEASE.... I'm in need of Jesus' intervention and His Authority to demand Satans attacks against me to release his hold on my dreams! To no longer succum my subconscious to these evil thoughts, and replace them with Gods Divine Glory & Annointment!
    Any and all prayers are welcomed! Blessings to you in advance for your words in Jesus' name...

    Thank you All in advance!
  25. Anonymous posted on 06/09/2016 10:02 AM
    Please pray for:

    1) God's providence in providing me with a full-time job soon.
    2) My upcoming job interview
    3) Wisdom and discernment in choosing the best option (job-wise) for my family -- that'll it'll provide sufficiently for us, and that the schedule will work for us
    4) My health -- I've been struggling with vasovagal syncope and thus I faint easily ...when I'm tired, stressed, anxious, or scared. This has made it hard for me to continue working my full weeks at times because I'd feel faint or collapse. I've struggled with this more lately and was only diagnosed with this last fall. It concerns me as I'm unsure of how much I should be working. It's also been difficult as there is limited amount of sick leaves that employees can take.
  26. Lucinda posted on 06/09/2016 04:39 PM
    My daughter graduated high school last June and was looking for work. but in the last 5 months she has just given up looking. She is lost on what to do go to school find work what. please pray that God will guide her to find what she wants and needs. As i have tried but she has giving up and doesn't care to try anymore.
  27. FrancescaP posted on 06/09/2016 09:21 PM
    My sister Bianca got out of ICU today, and was doing great but the morphine is reacting with her body and making her sick. She is still too swollen for the doctors to draw blood they need for a blood test. Please pray! She could get really sick and might die. Pray that the doctors can find her veins to draw the blood for that test!
  28. Anonymous posted on 06/15/2016 11:19 AM
    Prayer for me as I have an upcoming trip to Asia. Recently been having some trembles during the middle of the night. Not sure if related to busyness, stress of travel or other things but feeling a bit concerned. Please pray!
  29. Synthia Friesen posted on 06/24/2016 11:46 AM
    I could use a lot of prayer for the next 3 months.
    I'm going to South America for dental surgery. It costs me a fraction over there of what it would cost me here. I know the Dr. who will take care of me. There are still a lot of details that need to be sorted out once I get there (X-rays, if one large procedure or a couple of smaller ones, etc.), but I need this done desperately. My consultation is on July 13th.
    I am very nervous and could use prayer all around for my time there - the actual procedure/s, decisions to make, peace of mind, a place to stay (for a calm recovery period), someone to be by my side during everything (my husband will stay home and work and then come and meet up with me for the last 2 weeks there, and we'll come home together), for everything to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, for zero complications (I have to go without medical insurance as the private one that would potentially cover this is sky high; I'm better off paying over there in case of compl.), ...... Oh yes, and I'm terrified of needles. :) There will be a lot of needles. I'm pretty much more scared of needles than the procedure itself.
    It would be GREAT if I could calm down and be a lot less nervous. Or not at all. I know God is with me and will take care of me. I just need to rest in that assurance. I am too scared.
    I'm pretty much one big prayer needs case right now.
  30. Anonymous posted on 06/24/2016 03:40 PM
    Urgent Prayer Request for a young man whose mom called to say that her son has run away and is suicidal. He is approximately 15 years old and living with Lyme disease. This disease has been devastating. Please pray for the Lord's protection and for him to be filled with hope.

    Thank you.
  31. Warren posted on 06/25/2016 08:26 PM
    Urgent prayer requests for a friend who had rectal cancer operation a few weeks ago and that God will heal him and that God will be with his wife and 2 kids.
    Pray for me as I'm cleared with 2 cancer's. Pray that the pains in my lower stomach will go away and that I could see a doctor about it and that it's not cancer ever again. Having gone through cancer 2 times is good enough for me.

    And as I look for a new job and the employers would hire me even though I had cancer, and that they will have a heart for those going through cancer.

    Thank you & God bless.
  32. giselle lopes posted on 06/26/2016 06:55 PM
    hi im giselle lopes from brazil and id like to ask for a prayer to jesus rebuild my friendship with my friend bruna cristina rodrigues, we commit a sin and now she and the pastors want me out of the church, shes my only family and turned back on me for a mistake we both committed, please ask the lord jesus to get inside her heart to forgive me and be my family again, shes very important to me and im suffering everyday crying missing her and we used to be like sisters, it is so hard i feel like i want to die right now, my lifes over. please help, she needs to come back and talk to me. Also id like to ask you all to pray for her to come into her senses in the sexual area, she needs protection in this area so badly, im worried about her. thanks giselle
  33. PRAISE 106.5 posted on 06/27/2016 09:43 AM
    Prayer request received from Dana:
    I have an urgent prayer request. There is a little girl from my hometown who has been battling cancer for the last 4 years. Her name is Hannah Day. The chemo she was given when she was first diagnosed ended up causing a different kind of cancer. She has battled cancer three tmes now and has gone into remission each time. Now she is in the hospital battling pneumonia and is heavily sedated while itubated. Please lift this precious girl up in her prayers. She turns 7 soon. We want her back home in Victoria to celebrate her birthday. She is a true warrior princess. Please also prayer for her parents, Brooke and Rob, and her little sister, Hailey. Her parents, but mostly her mom, are at her bedside in Vancouver. Please pray for comfort and strength for Brooke and Rob and for strength and healing for Hannah. She's fought so hard each time.¬if_t=group_comment_reply
  34. LucindaT posted on 06/27/2016 10:34 AM
    My daughter Sarah has been out of school for a year now. She has been looking for work and thinking about going to school but nothing yet . My husband and i think it is time she made some discussions and get out of her room and off her computer. But she is stubborn and wants to do it her way or no way. I am at my wits end. Please pray that she will find what she wants to do and does it. My husband says she has two months and she is out of the house if she doesn't do something.
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