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Wondering what the kids are watching?

Plugged In is a Focus on the Family publication designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live. No one person or family could possibly keep up with the task of evaluating the continuous torrent of new entertainment offerings. That's why Focus on the Family has an entire staff dedicated to doing it for you! Check out reviews on movies, videos, music, TV and games all at Click Here to get Plugged In! Read More

Closer to God and to Each Other

by Dr. David Clarke

After college graduation, I married my sweetheart, Sandy. We were in love. We shared our emotions with each other. Life was wonderful. Twelve years after the wedding, life wasn't quite as wonderful. With four kids, the Clarke home was loud and busy — hectic, even. Our lives were a whirlwind of kids' activities, school, homework, my career as a psychologist, household chores and church involvement. During a rare, quiet moment when our kids were in bed, Sandy and I looked at each other and realized we'd started to lose ourselves as a couple. We still loved each other, of course, ... Read More

The Daddy-Daughter Daze

by Bob Smithouser

It started as an ordinary business call. Quick. Efficient. But then a casual "So how's the family?" became a 30-minute therapy session between Rick and Jim, two overwhelmed fathers of teenage girls. They discussed their inability to connect. They pondered parenting strategies. They discussed everything from their daughters' attitudes and makeup to whether sighs and eye-rolling qualify as conversation. "We used to have tea parties, and I'd get hugs around the neck," Rick recalled. "Now all she wants to do is mope, paint her nails and text her friends. I don't know how to connect anymore."  Even loving, intentional dads ... Read More

'Did Baby Jesus Wear Diapers?'

by Alex McFarland

When my niece Allie was 5, she frequently asked me imaginative questions about God. One day Allie arranged a pastoral ministry session for me. I waited on the front steps of her house while she gathered several of her friends. A study group gathered, and Allie announced, "My uncle is a preacher, and he can tell you what kinds of ice cream there will be in heaven." I forced back laughter as the little faces turned toward me. Their expressions seemed to say, "Tell us, grown-up, and we will receive your words! What kind of ice cream will we have ... Read More

How to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

World Concern World Concern will be supporting World Renew in their response work for Moore and Oklahoma City. World Renew is sending Early Response Coordinators to Moore to help with Spiritual Care and Early Assessment, and to plan for clean-up and long term recovery efforts. World Renew also expect[s] to stand by disaster survivors for the long-term, repairing and rebuilding homes for the elderly, the disabled, and those who lack insurance or ability to do repairs on their own.You can make a donation to help with the Oklahoma tornado through World Concern here. American Red Cross The Red Cross has ... Read More

Foundations of Faith

by Alex McFarland

It’s not an easy task to raise kids in the Christian faith. The world seems determined to undermine the principles of the Gospel. In schools, in entertainment, in culture—our kids confront messages that contradict what they're learning at home and in church, whether it's in beliefs about life and its origins, morality, the design of the family or lifestyle choices. Our Enemy has a clear objective: to erase truth from our kids' minds and pull them away from the path God has for their lives. How can we better equip our kids to have a thriving faith in today's world? ... Read More

Mother-Daughter Conflict

by Susan A. Yates

"I hate you!" my daughter screamed. "I wish you weren't my mother!" Little did she realize that some days I felt the same way. Ugly words, unmet expectations and crazy hormones can fill a mother-daughter relationship with tension. As moms, we desperately want to have a good relationship with our daughters, but we often don't know how to achieve that. We feel embarrassed because a friend seems to have a great relationship with her daughter. Her toddler is compliant, not strong-willed, and her teen is respectful. So how do we lessen the tension and begin to develop healthy ways of ... Read More

Building Family Identity

by Jim Burns

My wife, Cathy, and I stared at each other in disbelief as our oldest daughter, Christy, told us she was running away. When she started packing her suitcase, we knew she was serious. Cathy and I weren't sure if we should laugh or cry. After all, Christy was only 6. Our daughter told us she was moving to Julia's house across the street because her mommy and daddy were nicer. My wife called Julia's mother to tell her what was taking place and that Christy was on her way over. Then, we stood on our sidewalk and watched our little ... Read More

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